SilverStone AP181 180mm Fans Review – Vortex Airflow

SilverStone AP181 Fans Airflow Test

Optimizing Case Airflow

A long time ago, I set out to change how airflow works on the PC. In short it was successful, but not nearly enough to make any important difference. However, SilverStone cued me in on the fact that focused airflow fans can perform better for cases. The design is called a vortex, which the AP181 fans use in a large 180mm diameter for optimal case airflow. They asked me if I would like to test the fans in my own AFX (Airflow Extreme) case I recently built. Continue reading “SilverStone AP181 180mm Fans Review – Vortex Airflow”

Radeon VII – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card News

The Good – Radeon VII Gets Big Things Right

It’s time for some serious analysis here. When Radeon VII was announced, everyone was taken a bit by surprise. Not only was the news hidden exceptionally well, but AMD wasn’t expected to bring competitive graphics cards to the market for a while still. Before we start celebrating though, we need to look thoroughly at what we’ve learned so far. The reviews for the Radeon VII have been released, and there’s some cons mixed in with the pros of this release. I do see a brighter future for graphics cards though. Continue reading “Radeon VII – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Best Gaming Mouse (IMHHO) is Having a Giveaway!

RBT Rebel Gaming Mouse

The RBT Rebel Real

I’ve been a huge fan of the RBT Rebel. Even though the unorthodox design has brought me a fair share of criticism, I have yet to change my opinion. The RBT (pronounced “Rabbit”) came into existence because the creator, Qeric, was trying to make a clicker that you could slide your fingers in. This would allow the user to click up and down. However, this was probably even more painful in gaming and a different use was discovered on accident. Continue reading “Best Gaming Mouse (IMHHO) is Having a Giveaway!”

Encrypted External Storage – HDD or SSD – ft. iStorage-UK

iStorage datAshur2 1TB HDD - Front Pouch

Got a need for speed?

Whether you’re planning on it or not, external storage is often a key feature to many. We’ve recently been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to look at various options from iStorage-UK; and we thought it would be a good idea to share our thoughts with you. Should you consider spending the extra cash on faster, more reliable storage? Let’s explore this a little further…

Continue reading “Encrypted External Storage – HDD or SSD – ft. iStorage-UK”

Swiftech Releases Next Gen Boreas Liquid Cooling Kits

Swiftech Boreas Custom Liquid Cooling Kit News

What’s Cooler than Cool?

If someone comes up with the right answer in the comments, I’ll explode with joy. But I digress. Swiftech has updated their Boreas liquid cooling kit with new components from their product lineup. Not only do we have updates to the block, fans and RGB lighting, but the fluid and radiator seem to have some redesigns as well. This isn’t just an aesthetic overhaul, so let’s detail out some “cool” things Swiftech is doing here. Continue reading “Swiftech Releases Next Gen Boreas Liquid Cooling Kits”

Noctua Just Announced Thermal Paste… Wipes? NA-SCW1

Noctua NA-SCW1 Cleaning Wipes News

It’s For Real!

I know. We’re used to Noctua announcing new CPU coolers or fans. Even the announcement of new Thermal Paste is not surprising. However, the NA-SCW1 cleaning wipes are somewhat amusing. Possibly even head-scratching. Those of us who’ve used the good ol’ paper towel and rubbing alcohol method might think of this as absurd. On the other hand, Noctua is picking up on something many veterans forget to realize. At some point, all of us had the question of how to remove old thermal paste from a CPU. Continue reading “Noctua Just Announced Thermal Paste… Wipes? NA-SCW1”

Radeon VII Fixes AMD GPU Clock Speed Problems, CES 2019

AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card News

What a Huge Surprise!

AMD ended up being my last appointment for CES 2019. Even though I wasn’t slated for my visit till Thursday evening, I was fortunate enough to join in at a press event the night before. Due to the crazy CES schedule I had, that was the first time I heard anything about Radeon VII. At first, I wasn’t impressed. My initial though was that it would be another workstation graphics card. After talking to the AMD reps though, I realized they sneaked a high end gaming graphics card release into CES without even a leak! I was shocked, dazed, and excited all at the same time. Continue reading “Radeon VII Fixes AMD GPU Clock Speed Problems, CES 2019”

DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019

DeepCool Captain Pro 240 News

Still One of My Favorites

I’ve seen a lot of great improvements to closed-loop coolers (CLC) in recent years. In spite of all the options, the DeepCool Captain series is one of the best looking designs in my opinion. Not only does the Captain Pro improve on the design with a unique feature, but the redesigned RGB lighting looks phenomenal. The Castle gets a 360 update as well, but the circular pump/block looks unchanged. Continue reading “DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019”

Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019

azultec Cube

Completely Liquid Cooled

Heat is an important factor for rendering or mining stations. When you stick 8 graphics cards in a single system, you’re going to generate a lot of heat. Azultec is developing a product that should be huge for rendering, mining, or lovers of high end liquid cooled systems.  The Cube 300 has 8x GTX 1070s and a custom water cooling loop made from Alphacool Components. Needless to say, Azultec has found a great way to handle heat on 8 higher end graphics cards in a way custom PC builders like myself can really appreciate. Continue reading “Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019”

MSI Lightning Takes RTX 2080 Ti to Awesome RGB Level, CES 2019

MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning News

For Lovers of RGB Lightning

Let’s face it. There are several variants of the RTX 2080 Ti. We can compare power systems, clock speeds and features, yet the end result is that we have a lot of great graphics cards out there. How does a company stand out? There are numerous ways, several I could try to find right here. However, I’m going to dote on the fact that the MSI Lightning has awesome RGB lighting. Continue reading “MSI Lightning Takes RTX 2080 Ti to Awesome RGB Level, CES 2019”