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About Hardware Hounds

If we didn’t say we love computer hardware, you probably shouldn’t be here. As cliche as it sounds, we absolutely LOVE PC components. This isn’t about trying to get our hands on some free products. We enjoy getting our hands on anything related to custom built PCs, even if a design wouldn’t be our first choice on a personal level. Just getting the opportunity to see what a company is doing differently is rewarding enough for us. You’ll notice that overclocking and cooling are some of our favorite categories in hardware.

About Our Readers

We don’t just love hardware. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to know what innovations are happening, as well as finding answers to the questions you might have before buying a certain graphics card, CPU, or other component. This site is dedicated to helping readers better understand how to build a custom PC. For the experienced builder, we want you to have a place where you can see what’s coming up in the industry. We also want to sniff out the companies you never heard about, who are doing something exceptional. We do our best to keep a regular feed of hardware news. We’ll also try to review whatever we can get our hands on. Feel free to check out our forums and ask any questions you might have.

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Hardware Hounds is the next step in a journey that started with The Hardware Hound on YouTube. I started the channel as a way to further showcase components past written reviews. I’m not alone in my passion though, and this website is the avenue to bring more component perspectives to the community, through writers that share the same passion that I have. If you like videos, don’t forget to check out my channel below!