SilverStone LD01 Lucid Series Case Review

Tempered Glass with Silver Trims Everywhere…

You’ve got that right. The SilverStone LD01 chassis, part of their Lucid Series of cases, comes with three sides of tempered glass. On top of that, it also has a very stylish silver trim that yearns to be in your living room.  It will serve as a modern and very sleek looking power house. Whether it be used as a gaming chassis or as a HTPC that just wants to look beautiful, this is one you may wish to consider. It looks to set the stage for a more modern and sophisticated look rather than your normal steel and plastic counterparts.

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DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019

DeepCool Captain Pro 240 News

Still One of My Favorites

I’ve seen a lot of great improvements to closed-loop coolers (CLC) in recent years. In spite of all the options, the DeepCool Captain series is one of the best looking designs in my opinion. Not only does the Captain Pro improve on the design with a unique feature, but the redesigned RGB lighting looks phenomenal. The Castle gets a 360 update as well, but the circular pump/block looks unchanged. Continue reading “DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019”

Phanteks Eclipse P600s Case for Silence and Airflow, CES 2019

Phanteks Eclipse P600s Case News

Can Airflow Happen Quietly?

To some degree, we already know answers to this question. For instance, certain fans do a great job with this. Custom water loops are also great in this area. On the other hand, cases tend to be on one side or the other. The reason for this is simple. On one side, cases use noise dampening materials and tiny spaces for air intake to control noise. For near silence, quiet fans are usually preferred as well. On the other, a case has lots of wide open mesh spaces for tons of airflow. After that, the fans are usually RPM limited so they aren’t too loud, but silent fans aren’t a priority either. The Phanteks Eclipse P600s might be the best of both worlds. Continue reading “Phanteks Eclipse P600s Case for Silence and Airflow, CES 2019”

Enermax Saberay ADV my Favorite Case from CES 2019

Enermax Saberay ADV News

Saberay ADV and White

Enermax came to CES 2019 with the objective to impress. When it came to new releases, I don’t think anyone really topped what I saw in their showroom. I’d give AMD a tie due to the surprise factor of Radeon VII, but Enermax has the edge in volume. As it turns out, the Saberay is still my favorite case, and the ADV improvements make me want it even more. Continue reading “Enermax Saberay ADV my Favorite Case from CES 2019”

SilverStone Raven Perfects Airflow and Display, CES 2019

SilverStone Raven CES 2019

Raven Revolutionizes Airflow

If you build a custom water cooled PC, airflow isn’t a huge concern. As long as you have enough radiators, chances are your components will stay nice and cool. If you have air cooling however, optimized airflow is an absolute must from a PC case. The typical design from most cases is pretty mundane. SilverStone is turning case design on its head, almost literally, with a new Raven prototype at CES. Continue reading “SilverStone Raven Perfects Airflow and Display, CES 2019”

ModMyMods for help with Custom PC Building, CES 2019

ModMyMods Logo

You Can Learn to Do it Too!

Learning to build a custom PC can be daunting to newcomers. Taking it to the level of modding components can feel overwhelming. That’s where ModMyMods comes into the picture. Actually, I stumbled across their website when I was trying to find CES information on Alphacool. As it turns out, they were sharing a showroom. Not only does ModMyMods sell parts for custom water cooling loops, but they also work directly with Alphacool products. However, they wanted to show off more than just the products they sell. Continue reading “ModMyMods for help with Custom PC Building, CES 2019”

Azza Cube 802 PC Case Review

Azza Cube 802 Case Review Featured

Azza, or the Borg?

Who designed their Cube better? The Borg had an impressive space ship that was easily blown up in First Contact. Azza has RGB. Clearly, the Cube 802 is the winner since RGB would likely have given the Borg victory over Starfleet. Also, the Borg is fictional, but the Cube 802 is an excellent looking case from Azza. We’ll have to see if the rest of the design lives up to the impressive looks. Let’s take a quick look at a statement from the company, then dive right in. Continue reading “Azza Cube 802 PC Case Review”

Ultimate Case Design, Cooling and Display

Ultimate PC Case Featured

Building the Ultimate Case

I love Crossfire and SLI. I understand it’s not the most practical thing in the world, but having two graphics cards in my system just looks right. The problem comes when I need to cool things down. As you can imagine, a Crossfire system can get heated up pretty fast. I’ve used many a chassis, but I’ve yet to find the ultimate case for cooling and seeing my build. Continue reading “Ultimate Case Design, Cooling and Display”