Best Gaming Mouse (IMHHO) is Having a Giveaway!

RBT Rebel Gaming Mouse

The RBT Rebel Real

I’ve been a huge fan of the RBT Rebel. Even though the unorthodox design has brought me a fair share of criticism, I have yet to change my opinion. The RBT (pronounced “Rabbit”) came into existence because the creator, Qeric, was trying to make a clicker that you could slide your fingers in. This would allow the user to click up and down. However, this was probably even more painful in gaming and a different use was discovered on accident. Continue reading “Best Gaming Mouse (IMHHO) is Having a Giveaway!”

Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD Gaming Monitor is Best I’ve Seen for $600! CES 2019

Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD Gaming Monitor News

We Need to Talk

I love Aorus motherboards. So when I went to see Gigabyte at CES, I was expecting to be blown away by a new board. I did, and we’ll get back to that, but that wasn’t the highlight of their showroom. The Aorus AD27QD Gaming monitor was completely phenomenal, as well as unexpected. In order to stand out, they felt like they needed blow the doors off with their first design. Not only do I believe they did, but I still can’t believe how much monitor is involved for only $600! Let’s dive into some specs and features. Continue reading “Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD Gaming Monitor is Best I’ve Seen for $600! CES 2019”

Viper RGB M.2 NVMe Makes Debut! CES 2019

Viper VPN100 M.2 SSD News

It’s About Time!

NVMe drives have been around for quite some time. The speeds are phenomenal, but they originally needed a PCIe slot to work. Eventually the M.2 form factor came to NVMe, making installation a breeze by using a small space on the motherboard. The only thing that’s been missing is an RGB M.2 drive. Sure, RGB made it’s way to normal SSDs, but how does anyone know we have a blistering fast storage device if there aren’t any lights to show it off in the build? Continue reading “Viper RGB M.2 NVMe Makes Debut! CES 2019”

ViewSonic M1+ Projector, Portable as Nintendo Switch! CES 2019

ViewSonic M1 News

Co-op Anytime, Any Place!

Who knew I would be playing Mario Kart while at Dinner with ViewSonic? The M1+ is the latest in go-anywhere projectors from the company. Due to it’s ultra-portable design, it makes a perfect partner with the Nintendo Switch. All you have to do is plug the screen into the projector, and you’re ready to play a game with a friend on the spot. That may be impressive enough, but there are several reasons why this little guy is worth the price of admission. Continue reading “ViewSonic M1+ Projector, Portable as Nintendo Switch! CES 2019”

EVGA Nu Audio is my Best Audio Experience Ever, CES 2019

EVGA NU Audio Card CES 2019 News

When Sound isn’t Enough

Loud will never impress me if it isn’t quality too. Apparently, EVGA has the same philosophy. Even though graphics cards are what we’ve come to expect, the company surprised us all with the Nu Audio card announcement at CES. As expected, the card excelled in quality. A large part of the reason behind this is the partnership with Audio Note. Continue reading “EVGA Nu Audio is my Best Audio Experience Ever, CES 2019”

Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019

Wooting CES 2019 News

An Interesting Partnership

Innovation can be met with harsh resistance. You can just ask me about the responses I’ve gotten when I’ve reviewed the RBT. While Wooting seems to have a favorable public view of their analog keyboard, getting to market can be another challenge entirely. That’s why news that Seasonic is partnering with them is not only good, but very interesting. Continue reading “Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019”

Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019

Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor News

Two Amazing Features for the Raptor

Razer really went all out with their Raptor Gaming Monitor. Even though they could have sold the product on branding alone, they decided to put some features that are excellent choices for any panel. The first one is the clean cable extensions routed nicely in the stand. Not only does this make the cable clutter look great, but makes plugging cables in that much easier too. Of course, the Raptor doesn’t actually need extensions to make connections easier. Continue reading “Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019”

SilverStone LSB02 RGB & Fan Controller Review

SilverStone LSBO2 RGB Controller Featured

Lights without Software Please

RGB products should be filling every void in the computer industry. Sadly, there has been one niche that is left dark and colorless: the hardware based RGB controller. Certain builders enjoy fancy lighting, but prefer not to have extra software programs running in the taskbar. SilverStone is thankfully coming to the rescue with the LSB02 RGB and Fan Controller. We’ll see if the lighting control lives up to software based ones, but first a statement from SilverStone. Continue reading “SilverStone LSB02 RGB & Fan Controller Review”