Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review

Reeven Ouranos Closer Look

About That Yellow Though

There is so much going on in the CPU cooler world. Many companies are doing everything they can to stand out, which leads to questionable decisions. In the case of the Reeven Ouranos, the yellow fan definitely adds a unique element to the design. On the other hand, is yellow going to do enough to attract buyers? We’ll see if this cooler has a solid place in the PC building world, but first a statement from the company. Continue reading “Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review”

Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review

Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Thumb

The Smart One!

We all hated that smart kid in the class who always had the answers! (Truth be told, I was kinda that kid.) Well, I’m sure all the other Lamptron products are sick of how smart the CP530 is. Intelligent fan control sounds intriguing, but what makes this product unique is that it is purely hardware based. We’ll check it out soon, but first let’s look at a statement again from Lamptron. Continue reading “Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review”

Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review

Lamptron CE420 Controller Lighting

No Software Here

Addressable RGB is taking the world by storm. As a result, many companies have come up with complete systems for lighting customization. Motherboards have software, but products have to support motherboard sync or the 3/4 pin headers. Other companies use external controllers, but those also tend to be proprietary with said company’s products. Lamptron might be the only one providing hardware based lighting control. The CE420 is one of the latest in RGB and fan control, so let’s find out how well it does. Continue reading “Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review”

Patriot Trinity USB Flash Drive Review

Patriot Trinity USB Drive Review

Not the Tomb Raider One

You might have been thinking of the evil corporation in conflict with the Crofts. While we’re not talking about that Trinity, the device is far more versatile than the initial appearance would suggest. Patriot introduced a USB flash drive that can handle multiple ports, but we also want to see how well it performs. First, let’s look at a brief statement from the company. Continue reading “Patriot Trinity USB Flash Drive Review”

NZXT E850 Digital Monitoring PSU Review

NZXT E850 PSU Review

It’s Been a Long Time

NZXT used to be a familiar name in the PSU world. Even though the company was, and still is known for cases, the Hale series stirred up some attention. That was quite a few years ago however, so seeing the new E850 come to market was a decent surprise. The unit has some strong bragging rights, with Seasonic as the OEM, and a new feature that feels quite unique to the industry. First, a quick word from NZXT, then we’ll move right over to the unit. Continue reading “NZXT E850 Digital Monitoring PSU Review”

Ballistix Sport AT RAM Review

Ballistix Sport AT RAM Review

But Why is the RGB Gone?

It seems like the only new RAM is RGB RAM. In the midst of this, Ballistix makes the bold move to release “normal” memory. The new Sport AT modules arrive with a simplistic design, while partnering with Asus TUF branding. In theory, we should be able to expect some impressive performance. We’ll find that out soon, right after a quick word from Ballistix. Continue reading “Ballistix Sport AT RAM Review”

Samsung MicroSD Pro Endurance 128GB Card Review

Samsung microSD Pro Endurance Review

Solid State Reliability

Samsung has always had a good reputation for reliability. Since the Pro Endurance is leaning heavily on longevity, it’s a good thing that it has a strong name behind it. However, this microSD card isn’t going to take the crown in the speed competition. The real question we want to answer is how well this card holds up to its specs, and how well it costs in comparison to the market. We want to give a huge thank you to Samsung for providing the sample in this review. Continue reading “Samsung MicroSD Pro Endurance 128GB Card Review”

ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Viewsonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Monitors Matter

Is Virtual Reality supposed to be the gold standard of immersion? VR is nice, but the reality for most of us is that we depend on a monitor for our computing experience above anything else. The good news is that panel technology is improving immensely, on top of being more affordable. The ViewSonic XG2701 gives gaming a huge improvement with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology. On the other hand, we still have to put up with a TN panel. The real question is how well ViewSonic does with the other features to help offset the aging panel technology on this model. We’ll address that soon, right after a statement from the company. Continue reading “ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review”