For General Inquiries

We want to encourage contacting our site management, but only for the proper reasons. If you are trying to sell services related to site management, marketing, SEO, or paid content, etc., please do not contact us. At the moment, we have no interest in paying for additional services. We do not want to cheapen the quality of our readers experience by allowing random, paid articles on our site.

However, with that out of the way we would like feedback. If you visit our site and have a question, concern, or discover a bug/error, feel free to send us an email. We’ll try to get back as promptly as possible. Please keep in mind though, that we are a freelance site and responses can take some time. If you’re interested in reviewing for the Hardware Hounds, feel free to reach out as long as you’re okay with being vetted pretty heavily.

For Hardware Companies

Are you looking for a site to review one of your recent designs? Chances are we are already interested. We strive to live by the philosophy that nothing is too big, or too small, to announce and review on our site. That said, we do want to keep this site dedicated to the love of custom hardware though.  This isn’t the site for mobile accessories. On the other hand, while our focus is going to be PC components, we also enjoy looking at peripherals related to computers as well. We also have reviewers who spend time with tiny custom devices like the Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards. If a product is related to hardware technology, and allows the user to have a decent level of customization, we’d love to hear from you!

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Josh Jackson – Site Manager