Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 is a Beast of a CPU Cooler!

The Social Media News

I love having an Instagram account. Not only is it a great place for up and coming PC builders, but I run across some surprising announcements. Like this one from Arctic Cooling. Looks like their CLC units are getting an update in the form of the Liquid Freezer 2. The key factor here is that Arctic was able to design their own pump. However, the liquid cooler looks like an absolute beast of a CPU cooler as well. In terms of performance and style, it looks like Arctic is doing everything right.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 Initial Specs

Arctic Liquid Freezer 2 CPU Cooler News

In spite of some nice teasers and great pictures, detailed specs are limited for the Liquid Freezer 2. Still, it’s pretty easy to guess what we have going on here. First, the in house design of the pump will likely put it high on the performance scale. Even though flow rate doesn’t make as huge of a difference on CLCs, the slightly higher ones tend to cool better regardless. Arctic is also including high static pressure fans. When it comes to CLCs, fan quality makes one of the larger impacts since units use aluminum rads. While I don’t expect the unit to compare to custom loops, it looks like a beast in the closed loop arena.

Amazing Design Looks

This cooler looks great and if you follow me, you should have a serious question about that statement. Where’s the RGB? Admittedly, this cooler is surprisingly lacking in any kind of lighting as far as we can tell. The fan like unit, which appears to be some form of VRM cooling, might have a possibility of some lighting. Even if it doesn’t though, the Liquid Freezer 2 just looks great. The rugged, angular design looks unique on the pump / block. The connectors for the hoses look like custom fittings, rather than cheap CLC connections. The sleeving on the hoses looks incredibly nice as well. Overall, I’m impressed by a very professional design. When it comes to builders who are tired of RGB, this cooler looks like a perfect fit.


One more small point to highlight. It looks like it hides the fan cables from view and integrates them into one connector. KitGuru was at their booth in France just a little bit ago, and got some pictures. You can clearly see the last fan cable routing into the fitting on the radiator.

That’s all the info we can muster on this cooler for now. It looks like we’ll see more at Computex later this year. Check back for more news and reviews and we’ll catch ya’ later!

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