be quiet! Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler – It’s in the Details

A Dark Rock might seem like a foggy and hard concept for builders to understand. With so many air towers released in the many years of PC building, why should we care about the Dark Rock Slim? On the other hand, it’s the tiny details that always excite me with a new CPU cooler release. The be quiet! release of a new compact cooler boasts impressive cooling and silent operation. Silence is a given with the included fan, but the minor improvements on the tower are interesting when it comes to heat transfer.

Dark Rock Slim Main Features

Some of the key points of the Dark Rock Slim are exactly what we should expect. The design is built to have optimal RAM clearance, but still provide decent cooling performance with a 180W TDP. The Silent Wings 3, a be quiet! special, is included with the tower. On top of the black coating, the unit also has a very appealing brushed aluminum top cover. At this point, I don’t see why any company would release a unit that has bare aluminum fins and copper points sticking out the top anymore. The cooler may not have any fancy RGB lighting, but many builders will appreciate the professional design be quiet! is offering.

New Cooling Details

However, there are two small details that intrigued me about this cooler. For starters, the black coating is laced with ceramic particles. In theory, this should further help the heat transfer from the fins. The other tiny detail is the small dots on the fins. The idea is to increase the surface area for air to move across. At first glance, both of these features seem minor at best. The proof will be in the testing results of course. Still, I always appreciate design improvements that can lead to better cooling. I don’t mind if the difference is small.

There is one more detail I want to point out. This isn’t anything particularly new, but I really like the design of having fins at the base. In theory, some of that heat should be centralizing right on the plate that forms the base of the Dark Rock Slim. By adding fins at the bottom, it can further help remove heat from the CPU. All in all, these improvements may be small, but the quality looks excellent here. Check out the details at the link below and we’ll catch ya’ later.

Dark Rock Slim Product Page

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