Deepcool Launches Anti-Leak Tech for CLCs

No More Leaks…Ever?

You don’t need personal experience. Just read a few reviews on Newegg, and you’ll quickly discover the dangers of liquid cooling. The beauty of a closed-loop-cooler (CLC) is that it’s affordable, easy to install, and maintenance free. However, a sealed system is susceptible to pressure issues. Deepcool is coming to the rescue by launching Anti-Leak technology.

Deepcool Anti-Leak Tech

Why Leakage Happens

There’s two likely culprits to a CLC springing a leak. The obvious one is fluid expansion due to heat. As the liquid temp raises, the pressure inside the unit builds up. It’s a small amount, but in certain cases a seal is broken. As you can expect, heat can be more of an issue when you have heavy CPU intensive workloads. The other issue that can cause leaks is altitude pressure. If you ever buy a soda and drive up a mountain with it, be very careful opening it. CLCs are most likely manufactured at close to sea level altitudes. However, if you live several thousand feet above that, the liquid pressure inside will grow as well. Neither of these factors are going to change pressure a whole lot. Under right circumstances however, and you have a leak on your hands.

Deepcool Anti-Leak Tech

The Anti-Leak Solution

Deepcool has an ingenious solution that also seems rather simple. The pressure-relief bag will simply compress if the fluid pressure builds up. That means consistent pressure in the unit, and a great anti-leak fail safe for builders. In fact, I’m not sure why it’s taken this long for a company to really address the CLC leaking issue. I’m also not a bit surprised that Deepcool is pioneering this area. They have some truly awesome CLC designs, and this feature will make them even more enticing for buyers out there. Check the link below for more details and we’ll catch ya’ later.

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