Enermax Squa RGB Square Vortex Fans Review

If the Fan is Round, Why is it Square?

We’ve seen an elephant fly (twice), but I be done seen ’bout ev’rything when I see a square fan. Enermax did it somehow with the Squa RGB though. Not only did they do it, but the design looks amazing! The unique design on the lighting pattern isn’t complicated, yet I find it extremely “cool” looking. That said, this design also sports a vortex frame. It doesn’t make the fan fly, but it should increase cooling performance.

Needless to say, testing must ensue. We can’t simply take a company at their word and assume a fan has great performance. Not only are these fans purchasable on their own, but they will also be included on the latest Saberay cases and Aquafusion CPU coolers. If the performance is great in this review, it will have positive ramifications for the other products as well. Let’s dive in, right after this word from Enermax.


Enermax Logo

ENERMAX Technology Corporation is a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer. Since our establishment in 1990, we provide power supply products and peripherals like chassis, cooler, fan and keyboard with excellent quality and have won recognitions of consumers around the world.

ENERMAX products are recommended by worldwide reviewers, and certain were granted by iF, Red Dot, Good Design and Taiwan Excellence Awards. Those are proven evidence of our top-notch quality and design competency recognized by the professionals.

Packaging and Accessories

Enermax gets an A+ again in packaging. The Squa RGB fans are tucked away nicely in a well designed cardboard box. This is my preferred method of packaging and it makes the product feel like a legit piece of computer hardware. Another aspect Enermax does a great job on is the design. The colorful images and text do a solid job of making the box stand out. Admittedly this is only slightly useful, since it’s likely builders will buy these products online.

Accessories are really good as well. Enermax didn’t include any LNAs, but these aren’t necessary in my opinion. We’ll get to that more in the testing, but everything else included with the fans is great. We have a three way splitter cable, cable management strips, and an included RGB lighting controller. Whether you lack an addressable RGB header or some good cable ties to keep the wires under control, these fans will already have you covered.

Squa RGB Closer Look

Honestly, Enermax implemented a rather simple idea to make the square fan idea work. If you look at most fans, the frame is square anyways. By simply adding a square-ish light ring to the frame, over a round one, the Squa RGB came to be. It’s a small, but brilliant design that looks great. We also have the vortex design on the back. The simple principle is that the braces will help redirect airflow in a more focused pattern. We’ll test those temps shortly to see how it works.

The install process is exactly the same as any other fan. The mounting holes will match up with just about any 120mm case or radiator spot. We do have the extra wires with the RGB lighting. The fan uses a simple 3-pin addressable header, the kind with a small space, and includes a splitter cable that can share the RGB signal. The fans themselves use a 4 -pin PWM connection to power the blades. Once again, Enermax included a splitter cable for these as well. You can power all three fans on a single header on the motherboard.

Squa RGB Lighting

I’m going to do a repeat of my video from my CPU cooler review. I did my first round of testing using the stock fans, but I did all my lighting video using the Squa RGBs. I love how the light ring looks on these fans. The design looked great with the LIQFusion cooler, and they look great on the Saberay ADV cases as well. You can also get these fans as the stock ones to the new Aquafusion coolers Enermax released recently, which has more of a matching square RGB lighting design on the block.

Another interesting design aspect is how the light shines through the back of the fans. The result is what appears to be a rainbow of diamonds studded to the back of the frame. It looks really cool! Granted, you have to be looking at the back of the fan to see the effect. Since most fans are facing forward in cases and on radiators, you might not see the effect as much. Still, it adds a nice flair to the lighting and it’s not something you typically see on other RGB fans. The video has both effects, but the back lighting is more towards the end.

Testing Results

Here’s the key components for testing fans.

  • Ryzen 2700X
  • Aorus X470 Gaming 7
  • Enermax LIQFusion 360

Does vortex work? It certainly does! Granted, it isn’t going to drop your temps 30 degrees, but the Squa RGB tops our chart on fan comparison. By using an aluminum radiator for testing, we can see a pretty direct effect of increased airflow. Even if temperatures won’t change dramatically, the vortex design from Enermax is clearly improving static pressure. These fans are going to make excellent case and radiator fans.

Enermax Squa RGB Fan Test Results

At first glance, you’ll see the fan speed percentage and start crying, “Foul!” Clearly testing at 100% gives an unfair advantage. Not exactly though. I decided to do a noise level limitation on the fans so that we can see how well they compare while not being too noisy. The simple fact is a 3000 RPM fan will push more air, but the cost is very high dB levels. Here’s what’s really interesting. At 100%, the Squa RGBs are at about 1500 RPMs. The other fans on this chart are both rated to a max of 2000 RPMs. By the time I limited them to 70 and 80% respectively, both designs were right around 1500 RPMs.

With all fans at the same RPMs and nosie levels, we can draw two strong conclusion here. While the noise levels are really good on the vortex design, they aren’t anything special. They just do a great job, but so do other fans. However, the vortex fame is clearly giving an RPM and noise level advantage in cooling. That’s the conclusion I wanted to find out about. Extra cooling is nice, but extra cooling at low noise is even better.


Enermax has a huge win with this fan design. Naturally, the aesthetics are great with the unique RGB lighting. That said, rainbow colors are a dime a dozen today. The square-ish ring and the diamond like glitter on the back of the frame are just two areas that stand out nicely. The vortex design did a great job with performance. Not only do we see great cooling numbers, but noise levels were excellent as well.

When it comes to the issue of price, the results are a bit of a mixed bag. A simple search for RGB fans on Amazon will bring up a plethora of results. Some of which are extremely cheap. However, the brands that have a low price are ones that can be questionable on quality, and definitely appear to lack in performance as well. At $80, Enermax is actually completing nicely with other top brands with similar packages.

While the fans might not be what I’d call a great value, I’d certainly call it pretty good. Performance, style, and functionality are all great. As a result, we happily award the Enermax Squa RGB Fans our highest award, the Hardware Hounds Must Have Award!

Squa RGB Product Page

HWHounds Must Have Award

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