I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! Barrow Arc Reactor Like CPU Water Block

The Arc Reactor Water Block

I kept seeing this stellar looking CPU block at CES. The trouble was, nobody knew where it came from. Didn’t matter who I asked, everyone kept scratching their heads at this crazy looking water block that looked like an Arc Reactor. Iron Man, eat your heart out! This one has RGB!!! However, I’ve finally found the company behind the water block, as well as listings on Amazon.

Barrow Water Cooling Components

Barrow is a China based company with a surprising amount of custom water cooling parts. Instead of being called the Arc Reactor, the water block design is called the Energy Series. They actually have multiple circular designs on their website. For being a company with as many products as they have, I’m a bit surprised this is the first I’m hearing of them. On the other hand, being based in China makes a little more sense. It looks like the Asian country is their primary market, and the US one is more of a recent venture. As a result though, these blocks are available on Amazon, which we’ll link below.

And Tons More in Water Cooling

What’s really “cool” is how many other cooling components Barrow has. They have multiple different colors of fittings, double helix reservoirs, and GPU blocks. Still, that’s barely scratching the surface. They are a full-blown, custom water cooling company with what looks like everything you need for a loop. Also, there’s one more incredibly unique water block I noticed on their site. They have units called water channels for specific cases. It’s literally a block that offers a channel for the water connections to help cut down the amount of tubing needed in the loop. Furthermore, it adds a very pleasing aesthetic to what is typically a very empty spot in the case.

Barrow Water Channel Cooler Master H500P

Check out their site below for more products that they offer. We also have some affiliate links below in case you are interesting in purchasing one of the water blocks. Keep checking back for more news and reviews and we’ll catch ya’ later!


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