Noctua Just Announced Thermal Paste… Wipes? NA-SCW1

It’s For Real!

I know. We’re used to Noctua announcing new CPU coolers or fans. Even the announcement of new Thermal Paste is not surprising. However, the NA-SCW1 cleaning wipes are somewhat amusing. Possibly even head-scratching. Those of us who’ve used the good ol’ paper towel and rubbing alcohol method might think of this as absurd. On the other hand, Noctua is picking up on something many veterans forget to realize. At some point, all of us had the question of how to remove old thermal paste from a CPU.

The NA-SCW1 Cleaning Wipes

To be fair, there isn’t anything earth shattering about the NA-SCW1. Noctua does mention a custom detergent mixture as part of the package. From my experience, I imagine the solution and cloth will be less harsh on the die than a paper towel is. However, cleaning thermal paste off of a CPU involves rubbing minuscule metal particles across the surface. Minor scratches are inevitable.

Noctua is including these wipes with their new NT-H2 thermal paste. Personally, I like this idea quite a lot. Many times a user begins the process of upgrading a CPU cooler, but forgets about how to clean the old paste. By including these with a product, it helps consumers avoid those panic inducing moments by already having all the necessary materials. While this is a good inclusion with Thermal Paste, it would be a great inclusion with future CPU coolers.

NT-H2 Thermal Paste

Speaking of Thermal Paste, Noctua has at long last decided to bring an update to theirs. The NT-H2 improves the performance slightly of the original, particularly on larger thermal loads. The comparison chart on the release shows that temperature differences are very minor on normal desktop CPUs. However, the difference on a Threadripper CPU makes a more sizeable impact. Chances are the NT-H2 will replace the original entirely as time goes by, and consumers get the bonus of NA-SCW1 cleaning wipes with the purchase.

NT-H2 Thermal Paste Performance Comparison

I know you might read this and have a bit of trouble keeping a straight face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I am saying I appreciate what Noctua has announced and I think it’s a great gesture to help ease the experience of new builders. Check out the links below for more information at Noctua’s site and we’ll catch ya’ later!

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