Raijintek Mya and Delos RBW – Two Fantastic RGB Air CPU Coolers!

Raijintek Does it Again!

It goes without fail. I may not always get a press release from my beloved company. However, if I check back at their site, I’m bound to see an amazing product. This time I stumbled on two great looking CPU coolers, the Mya and Delos. The first is a standard single tower design, with a slim 120mm fan up front. The second uses only 92mm fans, but three of them, and with dual towers. Both of them have fantastic RGB lighting.

Raijintek Mya RBW

As mentioned before, the Mya RBW is a 120mm cooling option. However, Raijintek seems to add little bits of innovation that help their design stand out a tad. For starters, the cooler uses a slim 120mm fan. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this, but it’s pretty rare. Also, the tower uses wave like fins to increase surface area. In theory, the surface area increases cooling capability. Even though testing is required to verify actual performance, the Mya looks like a solid contender for good cooling. Also, it looks like it will have great compatibility with motherboard heat sinks and RAM sockets.


Raijintek Delos RBW

The Delos RBW is an interesting unit. While it attempts to be small by using 92mm fans, it attempts to be a giant with a two tower design. The immediate benefit is stronger cooling performance in cases that have less vertical clearance than average. In particular, I bet Raijintek had many of their mATX cases in mind with this cooler. The three fans will help keep a pretty hefty processor cool, and might even offer some decent overclocking headroom. It would certainly be interesting to see how these guys perform, but that isn’t really why I picked up on them.


Extremely Tasteful RGB Design

I was blown away by the RGB lighting on these units. As much as I love rainbow brilliance blinding me in the face, I understand the concept of being too much. By coating the tower on the Mya and Delos black, and using a black fan, the cooler keeps a professional look to it. The RGB logo and edge lighting on the cap accents the coolers beautifully. In the website images, the design compliments the other components in the build perfectly. I was actually surprised just how much I liked the design. As I said before, Raijintek is a company full of surprises!

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