Swiftech Releases Next Gen Boreas Liquid Cooling Kits

What’s Cooler than Cool?

If someone comes up with the right answer in the comments, I’ll explode with joy. But I digress. Swiftech has updated their Boreas liquid cooling kit with new components from their product lineup. Not only do we have updates to the block, fans and RGB lighting, but the fluid and radiator seem to have some redesigns as well. This isn’t just an aesthetic overhaul, so let’s detail out some “cool” things Swiftech is doing here.

Boreas Radiator and Pump

Swiftech Hydrae GT Radiators News

If I hear news about a new radiator, the first question I will ask is, “What material it’s made out of?” The Hydrae GT is a copper/brass design that also measures in at less that 28mm thick. In other words, that’s flirting with CLC territory on size. Basically, Swiftech is broadening the range of cases this kit will be compatible with. That said, the material of the rad and the 14 FPI (fins per inch) will give substantially better cooling. Top it off with a massive 1250 LpH pump in the beautiful Maelstrom D5 V2 reservoir and you’re already off to a great start.

Swiftech Maelstrom D5 V2 Reservoir News

Boreas Block and Fluid

Apogee is a name with some renown among cooling enthusiasts. With the SFK LT update, Swiftech has squeezed even more fins into a tiny space. The width of each one is a minuscule 125 microns! The end result is more surface area for heat to transfer from, which should mean better cooling. Swiftech also includes HydrX-NF coolant, a custom product made by Mayhems. I’ve heard of the nano fluid before, and was surprised to see it here. If memory serves, the company found a way to add nano metal particles to the liquid to increase thermal conductivity. I won’t go on a limb and say it improves temperatures without testing, but the concept sound interesting to say the least.

Swiftech Apogee SFK LT CPU Block News

Better RGB through Iris ECO V2

RGB is a thing of the past. Addressable RGB is where it’s at. If you aren’t on board, you can leave the station! I’m just kidding about that last part, but I do appreciate some fancy colorful lighting. The Iris ECO V2 can control the block, reservoir and Helis 120 Iris fans. Speaking of which, the upgrade on the lighting ring looks great. On top of that, Swiftech shows specifications for solid airflow and static pressure on the new fan designs. In short, the kit looks like a great cooling upgrade, as well as a solid visual upgrade depending on what you used to have.

Swiftech Helix 120 Iris Fan News

Those are the key points I wanted to highlight in this kit. However, there is a ton of details you can look at if you want more information. While custom liquid cooling isn’t for everyone, I really like these kits for helping a beginner get started. Not only does Swiftech take a lot of the questions of compatibility out of the equation, but they make it a lot easier to ensure you have all the necessary parts to get started. Don’t forget to check the links below, maybe even add a GPU block to the kit at check out, and we’ll catch ya’ later!


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