This Rosewill CPU Cooler Will Surprise You! PB240-RGB

You might have forgotten Newegg has their own special brand called Rosewill. It’s okay, I forgive you. I’d almost forgotten as well. Lo and behold, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and I got a punch in the face type of reminder! The PB240-RGB is a new liquid CLC that adds some solid amounts of RGB to the design. A new RGB cooler may not seem like much, but Rosewill put two very interesting features in this unit that I think will be helpful as well.

Rosewill PB240-RGB CPU Cooler News

PB240-RGB Radiator Pump

I’m a huge fan of pumps being located in new spots on CLCs. While the radiator pump isn’t new, I haven’t seen it very often. The concept seems brilliant and maybe Rosewill will be the first company to have success with it. In theory, I imagine the pump can have strong potential for a good flow rate. I didn’t find any specs along those lines, but the radiator seems a bit roomier than on top of the block. Even if there’s no difference on performance, I like the location for the aesthetic features. The block seems to have more lighting options, and the hoses are left free and clear of additional obstruction.

The Modular Block

Modular sounds great in theory. It only seems to really work with PSUs and cases. However, this is one modular design that looks incredibly useful for PC builders. The RGB lighting cover is removable. At first, this might not seem like a big deal. On further inspection, this allows the builder to ensure the logo on the block will always face the right way. Consider the factors involved: the case could have an upside down build, the hose inputs can interfere with RAM clearance, the radiator may need to be installed in the front of the case, or a user just wants the block to face a different way for personal reasons. Regardless of the reason, the PB240-RGB logo will face the right way in any build style.

Rosewill PB240-RGB CPU Cooler News

It Just Looks Cool!

Closed loop coolers have done much better with performance in recent years. If I’m looking at something that isn’t a custom loop, I just want it to look cool since performance isn’t going to change a lot. The PG240-RGB checks that box nicely. The fans look like the same ones as the Swiftech Helix Iris series. I mean, uncanny how much they look like the same fan! While the details of the similarity are obscure, the chances of silent performance here is really good. The included fan hub can handle up to 7 fans, although it looks like a proprietary connection for Rosewill.

Let us know what you think of the new cooler and we’ll catch ya’ later.

PB240-RGB Product Page

PB240-RGB on Newegg


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