Uh… Wha… No… How on…!?! THIS DEAL IS INSANE!!!

UPDATE: That deal went quick! However, the current price of $174.99 is still ridiculous. You just have to wait till the 16th for stock.

I say it again, “This deal is insane!” My brain broke when I saw this. AMD tweeted about the best selling processor on Amazon. Naturally, Ryzen is going to be the object of the tweet. The processor was the famed 2600X. While a 9600K is a slightly better gaming CPU, the 2600X is a bit better for heavier multitasking. Streamers and content creators would get a bit more use from the extra cores. When I saw that price though, I couldn’t determine if I was living in reality anymore.

$159.99 and Free Shipping

How did we get here? When did this happen? WHY DON’T I HAVE ANY MONEY RIGHT NOW!?! To be fair, my test bench is handily rocking a 2700X so I don’t really need this chip right now. BUT IT HAS FREE PRIME SHIPPING!!! I’m seriously blown away by this deal right now. What I don’t know is if this is a new price point from AMD, or a good sale. I checked Newegg though, and it might only have a few days left. (From the time of this writing.) Another interesting detail is that Amazon is actually selling this insane deal $20 cheaper than Newegg as well. I think it’s time for…

Shut Up Take My Money


I didn’t even mention the other HUGE factor in this insanity. You also get a free copy of The Division 2 and World War Z. Those games aren’t anything I’m personally interested in, but I can’t argue the extra value here. The simple fact at this point is this: if you’re about to build a new gaming PC, you should just buy this chip. Sure, some people don’t worry about price. If budget is any concern to you though, grab this 2600X. Any gaming benefit you could get from a 9600K would easily be compensated for by putting the $100 you save in a graphics card. To put this in perspective, the gaming improvement overall might add up to 5% on a CPU level. The improvement on a graphics upgrade could easily net you around 20%.

Here’s our handy little link to the Amazon page. Let us know if this deal has you blown away, and keep checking back for more news and reviews!

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