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Hi, My name is also Josh, but to avoid confusion most people call me Nex. I work as a system administrator for a multinational firm. Don't ask me who we get far too many phishing emails as is and I don't want them sent to me directly. I also play a lot of games. Unlike the Josh who made this I actually have the time to.

I first heard about the hardware hound YouTube page a few years back. I looked at a few of the reviews and immediately thought they were far better than most. At the time he really did a good job of explaining things to normal people. Now, well he doesn't go into as much depth. But they are still good. if there is some new technology I immediately go there to see what the fuss is about because I find he is usually on point. The exception is his strange love of RGB lights. It's a light bulb, that's it. ALL IT DOES IS BURN MORE ELECTRICITY AND GENERATE MORE HEAT.

Still waiting for an NVMe review though... Which BTW Josh we have a few at my work place and, well, NVMe good. NVMe REALLY good.

Awesome! And RGB makes it go faster. Undeniable fact #39. lol

I'm getting sentimental here. I didn't know you cared so much, but then again I did get your bill soooooo......

Of course I care, you try finding reviews from someone who is competent and not getting paid to do them. Plus you saved me a few hundred bucks. Especially with your AMD reviews, never really liked them before. I was of the opinion that they must be cutting corners to get prices that low. Then I found out they weren't, and later found out that Intel just sucks at making stable multi core processors.