MSI Lightning Takes RTX 2080 Ti to Awesome RGB Level, CES 2019

For Lovers of RGB Lightning

Let’s face it. There are several variants of the RTX 2080 Ti. We can compare power systems, clock speeds and features, yet the end result is that we have a lot of great graphics cards out there. How does a company stand out? There are numerous ways, several I could try to find right here. However, I’m going to dote on the fact that the MSI Lightning has awesome RGB lighting.

MSI does several things in lighting that’s hard for me to find among graphics cards. For starters, I think it’s a big deal that they use addressable RGB on the various sections. Sometimes a fan shroud will have some addressable lights, but then the logo is only one solid color at a time. The Lightning uses addressable lighting on the back plate, as well as the side of the card. It may be a small thing to some, but I can’t help but love attention to RGB detail.

MSI Lightning RGB Lighting

MSI Lightning with OLED Display

I only saw one other card with the feature the MSI Lightning has. They added an OLED display on the side, which can display information about the card or other GIF animations. It’s hard to say how useful this is for everyone, but I’d love to have one of these on display for the sake of looking cool on my test bench. You can also use a customized GIF file. It might take some editing, but I included a Gurren Lagann logo you can use for such a purpose.

Gurren Lagann GIF

RTX 2060s on Display

MSI had more than the lightning on display at CES. Since the RTX 2060 was just announced, they had a few variants of their own to show off. What really caught my eye was the decision to change the color scheme to a very muted design. Typically, the Gaming variants were a heavy combination of black and red. It’s great for branding, but it stands out a lot in builds that don’t use red as part of the color scheme. MSI muted the red significantly, and kept the shrouds to mostly blacks and greys. I still caught a few minor red accents, but nothing that I feel like would look bad in any build.

MSI had less in components, and a bit more in laptops this year. I focused on the components, and you can even catch a couple of cases they had in my video coverage at CES. We’re down to the home stretch so don’t forget to check back for more announcements at Hardware Hounds.

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