Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Needs Work!

Software Should Be Better

If software was as good as the hardware it controls, I probably wouldn’t be here. Motherboards are somewhat notorious for having terrible software. This is sad because in several cases, the boards are fantastic on a hardware level. My favorite motherboard company of late has been Gigabyte. The Aorus branding has delivered some excellent products and I’ve had a great experience overall with the X470 Gaming 7. However, the RGB Fusion program could use some bug fixes.

RGB Fusion Issues

As far as problems I couldn’t resolve, I only found one major issue. RGB Fusion is a program that’s meant to control lighting across all recent Gigabyte products. Since I have a motherboard and graphics cards, both show up in the software. I could get lighting profiles to work on the board, but I could never get them to work on the two RX 570s. If I shutdown the system, the logos light up blue which is alright for my scheme. When I tried to switch them to purple though, I couldn’t get the setting to apply.

Outside of that, the other issues are more related to quality of life. They didn’t stop me from accomplishing what I wanted, but they made it more difficult. One is the fact that I didn’t know how to save, or upload profiles. The logos don’t have any text on hover. My motherboard settings would save, but the graphics card settings would always reset on reboot. Applying a color setting risked changing the cards to orange, regardless of what was actually set. The other issue was color selection. The color wheel worked fine, but manually typing numbers was a bit irritating. I could only type when the cursor was showing, and I could only click apply if I hit enter after typing numbers in.

Check out the video for the full details. The software control has so much potential, but a few bug fixes and quality of life improvements would make it a solid control option. I LOVE Gigabyte boards. My goal here isn’t to harsh on their company. The Aorus X470 Gaming 7 is my favorite boards to date. I just hope that if they see these details, they can give us a solid update that would nearly perfect their awesome boards.

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