The Best Gaming Mouse Ever, RBT Rebel

Wait, Really!?!

Yes! Really!!! The RBT (pronounced “rabbit”) Rebel is, imho, the absolute best mouse you could ever use. In fact, the only mouse style I think the RBT can’t officially compete with is the one with a full number pad on the side for the thumb. MMO mice are a very niche product though. The RBT design does take a bit of relearning at first, but the ease of use is phenomenal. The biggest selling point is the ease of wrist pain.

RBT, Accuracy and Relief

I’ve had my own Rebel for some time. In the months of getting to use the design daily, I’ve never felt a more natural extension of my hand. Whether it’s the action/arena games like Battlerite, or FPS titles like Destiny 2 or Strange Brigade, accurately landing skill shots and head shots feels completely natural. Rather than feeling like I’m fighting to control my hand, pressing the mouse button does nothing to pull my cursor from where I put it.

Recently, the RBT has become a very personal benefit to me. I never struggled with wrist problems until this year. I was diagnosed with a symptom called De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis earlier this year. For months now, I’ve struggled with pain in my left thumb and incredible stiffness in my left wrist. Overuse of the keyboard seems to be the culprit, but I was beginning to see early signs of problems in my right wrist as well. The Rebel had been helping me keep the wrist at bay, but I didn’t realize until recently how much it would reverse my symptoms. I still used a regular mouse at work. This week, I was able to get an additional RBT at my office and after just one day, the stiffness in my wrist was noticeably better. Call me a 110% believer now!

Excellent Software

RBT Rebel Software Screen

The designer recently released a software package to further improve the using experience. I was impressed already at how great the program was designed. Currently, I’d give the aesthetic an A- and the functionality an A++. I’ve dealt with numerous software packages, many from large companies, and very few exceed the level that Quadraclicks is offering now. I expect to add more reviews on the RBT soon, including closer looks at the software. For now, I’ve included my previous review on Youtube, and I also have a link below where you can download the software for you own RBT Rebel. Stay tuned for more updates and we’ll catch ya’ later!

RBT Rebel on Indiegogo

RBT Rebel Real 1.112 Software Download

One more thing. I do NOT benefit from any monetary gains by endorsing this product. I’ve only received one sample for review work, and have invested my own money in supporting and buying the product. This is a product I genuinely believe can help any gamer have the best gaming experience. I am not paid by the company in any way. =D

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