HWHound Passes 2000 Followers on Instagram!

The More You Know…

Hardware Hounds isn’t meant to just be a news and review site. We’re attempting to bring valuable computer hardware information on a variety of platforms. After CES, we set out to start building a presence on Instagram, and we recently surpassed 2000 followers! Why are we posting an article about this? Well, partially because we can, but also because we want to give you a chance to follow the Hardware Hounds.


Hardware Hounds on YouTube

Written reviews are generally, more convenient that video ones. They allow the reader to easily pick the information they are looking for, versus trying to sift through video content. That may sound counter intuitive to the typical mantra that a reader should read the “entire review.” However, I’d be lying in horrible fashion if I didn’t admit to doing the same. On the other hand, there’s one big area that I love video for, RGB lighting. Pictures just don’t do the various patterns justice, but we have numerous review videos beyond simply showing rainbow patterns.

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Using Platforms for Varied Purposes

Instagram is great since it allows us to fill a couple of niches not easily accomplished on our site. For starters, it’s a great place to share teasers for upcoming reviews. I’m working on a major CPU cooler project and as a a result, have posted a few tidbits of my overclocking adventures. Instagram is also a great place to share short computer hardware tips. Sometimes, we don’t have time to write a full blown article. On the other hand, sharing a quick image or video tip on Instagram is a great way to share information to our followers.

Twitter was originally meant to fill those purposes. However, I found it difficult to encourage feedback and build a following base there. Notwithstanding the other issues surrounding Twitter, video isn’t quite as efficient either. For now, both Twitter and Facebook act as easy news feeds so followers can know when we publish new content. If you want to know when an article goes live, check out those pages as well.


Planning a Giveaway

Not only are we trying to spread the word about our social accounts, but we’re planning a Giveaway as well. Currently, we can’t say for certain what the product will be. It could end up being a gaming monitor/projector, or a nice CPU Cooler/Computer Case. The plan is to host it on our website in either March or April. Of course, the big reason for promoting our social accounts is that we’ll be announcing any giveaway on all of those as well. As always, we’ll continue to post news and guides. Reviews are always the passion behind our site, and we already have numerous CPU coolers, as well as a RAM kit in the pipes.

Keep checking in our site and don’t forget to follow any social media accounts you think will be valuable to you. Also, don’t forget our forums. Once you register via the WordPress account registration, you’ll be able to post and reply to threads. Catch ya’ later!

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