Ballistix Sport AT Gaming RAM Curbs the RGB Craze

Ballistix Sport AT RAM News

Sport AT for TUF Gaming

I may be an RGB-oholic, but I appreciate companies showing love to those who aren’t. Ballistix added the Sport AT model to their lineup. While it takes some rugged design notes from the Tactical Tracer RGB series, it forgoes the fancy lighting for a more mature design. (I know, I admit to my immaturity!) In particular the yellow highlights on the heat spreaders match particularly well with the Asus TUF branding of motherboards. Continue reading “Ballistix Sport AT Gaming RAM Curbs the RGB Craze”

ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Viewsonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Monitors Matter

Is Virtual Reality supposed to be the gold standard of immersion? VR is nice, but the reality for most of us is that we depend on a monitor for our computing experience above anything else. The good news is that panel technology is improving immensely, on top of being more affordable. The ViewSonic XG2701 gives gaming a huge improvement with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology. On the other hand, we still have to put up with a TN panel. The real question is how well ViewSonic does with the other features to help offset the aging panel technology on this model. We’ll address that soon, right after a statement from the company. Continue reading “ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review”

NZXT E Series PSU is an Excellent Addition to the Market

NZXT E Series PSU News

NZXT Launches E Series

Remember when NZXT was just a case and cooler company? Pepperidge Farm remembers. The company has upped their game in some incredible ways. First they introduced a motherboard, and now they have PSUs. Okay, they’ve had PSUs, but these ones are special. The E Series gives builders a choice between a 500W, 650W and 850W model. All three are rated with an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, which quite frankly is more than enough for normal use. You might think NZXT is just jumping on a bandwagon, but that’s seriously not the case here. Continue reading “NZXT E Series PSU is an Excellent Addition to the Market”

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB RAM Thumb


DDR4 has been around for a long time now. Making a new RAM kit that stands out can be a huge challenge. We already have addressable RGB lighting, tons of performance, and a plethora of options. If a company wants to be serious, it has a difficult, uphill climb when introducing a new memory kit. Ballistix is the gaming division of Micron, and they want to make a splash in the gaming DDR4 pool with the Tactical Tracer RGB kit. The first thing they have going for them is a great, rugged design with the aluminum heat spreader. Looks are an easy thing to point out, but performance and lighting profiles are a matter we have to look into with more detail. Let’s dive in, right after a quick statement from the Ballistix site. Continue reading “Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB DDR4 RAM Review”

Cooler Master Perfects the PC Case with MasterCase H500M

Cooler Master MasterCase H500M Case News

Sins of the Father

Cooler Master shook up the market with their H500P. The case had an absolutely gorgeous design, but it also had some pretty notable flaws. First and foremost was the horrific airflow. In spite of the dual 200mm front fans, the solid window on the front panel hurt the ability for the fans to do their job. On top of that, the said panel was also a bit flimsy. The case had a spacious design in a lot of ways, but there were certain areas that could make the building experience difficult. Finally, while RGB fans are great, the case lacked addressable RGB to help match the lighting schemes of other components. Cooler Master wouldn’t allow these flaws to remain though, so they went through a redesign process in order to launch the MasterCase H500M. Continue reading “Cooler Master Perfects the PC Case with MasterCase H500M”

EK Water Blocks Releasing RGB MSI X470 Gaming M7 Monoblock


Press Release

EK Water Blocks, the Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is releasing a new AM4 socket based monoblock tailor-made for the MSI® X470 Gaming M7 motherboard. The EK-FB MSI X470 M7 RGB Monoblock has an integrated 4-pin RGB LED strip and it offers unparallel aesthetics alongside with superior performance! The RGB LED in the monoblock is compatible with MSI® Mystic Light Sync, thus offering a full lighting customization experience!

Continue reading “EK Water Blocks Releasing RGB MSI X470 Gaming M7 Monoblock”

Arctic Alpine 12 CPU Cooler is a Passive Protestor

Arctic Alpine 12 CPU Cooler News

Alpine Silence

Some like to scream their message as loud as they can from the rooftops, while others prefer to be silent and let their actions do the talking. The Alpine 12 Passive CPU cooler takes the latter approach of protesting your processing heat. It’s an interesting move from Arctic considering that silent coolers are less efficient than there fan comprising counterparts. On the other hand, the only way to have a 0 dB noise level is with a passive cooler. Get your home theater boxes ready for some extreme silence. Continue reading “Arctic Alpine 12 CPU Cooler is a Passive Protestor”

Deepcool Launches Awesome Castle and Fryzen CPU Coolers

New RGB Vibe on Castle

I’ve long been a fan of the nuclear reactor style pump on the Captain CPU Coolers from Deepcool. Part of me misses that, but the other part of me really likes the design on the new Castle cooler. If there’s one thing that Deepcool gets right regardless, it’s their ability to make something that looks unique on the market. This latest CLC design not only has great looking lighting, but it comes with both 240mm and 280mm radiator options. In my opinion, 280mm is the perfect balance of noise and cooling performance. Continue reading “Deepcool Launches Awesome Castle and Fryzen CPU Coolers”

iBuyPower RGB Cable Combs Review

iBuyPower RGB Cable Combs Thumb


Will RGB go too far? I’m sure many would argue the day has already come with RGB cable combs. I do believe we’re getting close to a point that lighting effects are going to get ridiculous, but I don’t think the cable combs are quite there yet. In fact, I think RGB cable combs are pretty awesome! iBuyPower is making a pretty bold move bringing these to the market. We’ll determine if they are worthy of an RGB nut’s PC, but first let’s look at a statement from the company itself. Continue reading “iBuyPower RGB Cable Combs Review”

Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Review

Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Thumb

Intro to Enermax

It seems fitting that my first hardware review is for a product from Enermax. This company has proven itself on many occasions as one that values innovation and quality. At first glance, I would say the LIQFusion 240 is no exception. We’re starting to see more addressable RGB CPU coolers on the market, but the one we’re looking at today seems to be setting a high bar. We’ll dive right in right after a brief pause to look at the values of Enermax. Continue reading “Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Review”