AMD Radeon RX 590 Release and Comparison

AMD RX 590

AMD Releases RX 590

You ever find yourself just wanting to know what Graphics Cards core clocks ended up being? I do, and I was surprised at how difficult it was to not only find some detailed info, but also trying to find homepages for the differing RX 590s. That said, with a little digging I was able to not only uncover the information I wanted, but also find each homepage of the variants of the RX 590. Continue reading “AMD Radeon RX 590 Release and Comparison”

Viper RGB DDR4 RAM Review

Viper RGB RAM Review

The Eyes Stare Into Your Soul

Highest speeds in DDR4 RAM does little to impact overall system performance. There are so many kits that perform great, that it can be really hard to make a solid recommendation. My advise is to look for the kit that looks the best to you. Today, we’re going to check out what has looked like an amazing design to me. If the Viper RGB doesn’t attract you immediately, just stare at the glowing eyes for a while! Continue reading “Viper RGB DDR4 RAM Review”

Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review

Enermax LIQTech II TR4 Review

Can We AM4 it?

The Enermax LIQTech TR4 II is meant for AMD’s monster chip. The huge heat spreader on Threadripper can dwarf the contact plate on many CPU coolers. On the other hand, I wonder if the bigger copper block can provide better cooling? There is only one way to find out and it’s going to require some modding. Get ready for a fun ride, but first a statement from Enermax. Continue reading “Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review”

Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review

Reeven Ouranos Closer Look

About That Yellow Though

There is so much going on in the CPU cooler world. Many companies are doing everything they can to stand out, which leads to questionable decisions. In the case of the Reeven Ouranos, the yellow fan definitely adds a unique element to the design. On the other hand, is yellow going to do enough to attract buyers? We’ll see if this cooler has a solid place in the PC building world, but first a statement from the company. Continue reading “Reeven Ouranos CPU Cooler Review”

Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler Review

Scythe Mugen 5 Closer Look

What’s a Mugen?

The term Mugen is completely new to me. There could be infinite possibilities for what it means, but you came for a CPU cooler review. While I had at least heard of Scythe, the company is a new experience for me as well. The company as a whole seems to have a positive vibe on the internet. Will the Mugen 5 live up to expectations? We’ll find out pretty soon. Continue reading “Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler Review”

The Best Gaming Mouse Ever, RBT Rebel

RBT Rebel Gaming Mouse

Wait, Really!?!

Yes! Really!!! The RBT (pronounced “rabbit”) Rebel is, imho, the absolute best mouse you could ever use. In fact, the only mouse style I think the RBT can’t officially compete with is the one with a full number pad on the side for the thumb. MMO mice are a very niche product though. The RBT design does take a bit of relearning at first, but the ease of use is phenomenal. The biggest selling point is the ease of wrist pain. Continue reading “The Best Gaming Mouse Ever, RBT Rebel”

Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review

Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Thumb

The Smart One!

We all hated that smart kid in the class who always had the answers! (Truth be told, I was kinda that kid.) Well, I’m sure all the other Lamptron products are sick of how smart the CP530 is. Intelligent fan control sounds intriguing, but what makes this product unique is that it is purely hardware based. We’ll check it out soon, but first let’s look at a statement again from Lamptron. Continue reading “Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review”

Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review

Lamptron CE420 Controller Lighting

No Software Here

Addressable RGB is taking the world by storm. As a result, many companies have come up with complete systems for lighting customization. Motherboards have software, but products have to support motherboard sync or the 3/4 pin headers. Other companies use external controllers, but those also tend to be proprietary with said company’s products. Lamptron might be the only one providing hardware based lighting control. The CE420 is one of the latest in RGB and fan control, so let’s find out how well it does. Continue reading “Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review”

Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Needs Work!

Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Thumb

Software Should Be Better

If software was as good as the hardware it controls, I probably wouldn’t be here. Motherboards are somewhat notorious for having terrible software. This is sad because in several cases, the boards are fantastic on a hardware level. My favorite motherboard company of late has been Gigabyte. The Aorus branding has delivered some excellent products and I’ve had a great experience overall with the X470 Gaming 7. However, the RGB Fusion program could use some bug fixes. Continue reading “Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Needs Work!”

Optimize Graphics Card Performance in Two Simple Ways

Optimize Graphics Cards Thumb

You just bought a new graphics card. You get it installed, set up your new drivers, and you’re ready to go. You start playing a game, but problems arise with freezing or crashing. Perhaps your game doesn’t crash, but you keep getting strange frame drops, artifacts, or stuttering. You test your CPU, your memory, your GPU and everything seems stable. What’s going on? You might only need to optimize a couple of simple things to run smoothly. Continue reading “Optimize Graphics Card Performance in Two Simple Ways”