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The RBT Rebel Real

I’ve been a huge fan of the RBT Rebel. Even though the unorthodox design has brought me a fair share of criticism, I have yet to change my opinion. The RBT (pronounced “Rabbit”) came into existence because the creator, Qeric, was trying to make a clicker that you could slide your fingers in. This would allow the user to click up and down. However, this was probably even more painful in gaming and a different use was discovered on accident.

By putting the fingers over the buttons, the actuation of the click was activated by the base of the fingers, instead of the tips. Not only did this help significantly reduce hand and wrist strain, but it felt more responsive and accurate. Qeric went to work on the design, and I discovered him at CES 2017.

RBT Production Process

My Conversion to the RBT

When I first saw the design, Qeric wasn’t at the booth. I walked up to the RBT Rebel, gave it a couple clicks, and immediately wrote it off as a silly idea. Thankfully, Qeric was right behind me and stopped me from walking away. I listened to his explanation, and I felt like there might be a possibility of the design being helpful. I covered his product with skepticism, but I told him I would be willing to try it out.

A while later, Qeric sent me his prototype. At first, it took a little time to get used to it. After about 4 hours, I felt like I was using the RBT as well as a normal mouse. I had about two weeks of testing before sending it back. While I was pretty pleased with how the design felt, I was truly blown away when I went back to my regular mouse. I couldn’t stand it anymore! The clicking with my finger tips felt cumbersome, and trying to accurately hit skill shots in gaming felt like I was fighting more against my own hand than the enemy. I became a true believer!

Win an RBT Rebel of your Own

The best news is that QuadraClicks, the company behind the RBT Rebel, is sponsoring a giveaway on Amazon. Simply watch 15 seconds of their video, and you can put your name in the hat. I understand that many gamers are going to be skeptical, but two lucky winners will get a chance to try the design free of charge. The contest ends on Feb 13th so get your entry in.

If you want to see my full review of the RBT Rebel, check out the video above. As I’ve said before, I’m a true believer in this design and the Rabbit has been my only mouse for several months now. It’s important to note as well, that I am not compensated or sponsored in ANY way with QuadraClicks. I even purchased my own product while it was on Indiegogo. What you are hearing from me is a completely unbiased opinion, at least in terms of being influenced by financial benefit. I am biased in that I love the RBT and I want it to be around forever! Once again, good luck on the contest and we’ll catch ya’ later.

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