Corsair Launches IronClaw and Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Once in a while, I see a product that feels like designing perfection. Nothing will dethrone my love for the RBT Rebel. However, I’m genuinely impressed with the IronClaw and Glaive from Corsair. The announcement caught my eye, and a further study of each gaming mouse indicated a near perfect design. Why? At some point, certain companies will strip a product from everything unnecessary. What’s left is optimized to the best of usefulness, and a nearly perfect product is born.

Corsair IronClaw Glaive Gaming Mouse News

IronClaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

The IronClaw is a fresh design, but it’s a tad excessive in two areas. For starters, 10 buttons is more than I imagine most gamers will use. The other excessive stat is the 18,000 DPI sensor. While the stat might be more than needed, the sensor is only a problem if it cost too much. From there, the mouse has a great shape and great features. The wireless capability is nice considering Corsair’s reputation in this area. Wired is an option too. With three zones of RGB lighting, the device has a great gaming flair without being too flamboyant. And I’m just touching on the features. At $80, this is a great price for a wireless gaming mouse of this caliber.

IronClaw RGB Product Page

Corsair IronClaw Glaive Gaming Mouse News

Glaive RGB Pro Gaming Mouse

The IronClaw may be the attention getter, but the Glaive is what I consider to be the ideal gaming mouse (excluding the RBT). It has many of the same features as the wireless mouse, including the sensor and RGB lighting. Speaking of the sensor, it can also automatically calibrate to different surface types. What it doesn’t have is the extra buttons, which should be perfect for the average gaming experience. What I do like is the minor modular touch on the thumb grip. This allows the Glaive to cater to more of a claw grip, or palm grip based on preference. At a very reasonable $70, I feel like this gaming mouse is the ideal purchase for the majority of gamers that want great performance.

Glaive RGB Pro Product Page

And Some Mouse Pads

The final launch was some comfortable mouse pads to go with the mice. The fabric design is complimented by a 5mm thick pad. I imagine that will add to the comfort rather nicely. Those come in two sizes, which you can check out at the links as well. Let us know if you like these mice designs and check back for more news and reviews!

MM350 Mouse Pad

MM250 Mouse Pad

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