Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller Review

The Smart One!

We all hated that smart kid in the class who always had the answers! (Truth be told, I was kinda that kid.) Well, I’m sure all the other Lamptron products are sick of how smart the CP530 is. Intelligent fan control sounds intriguing, but what makes this product unique is that it is purely hardware based. We’ll check it out soon, but first let’s look at a statement again from Lamptron.

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Lamptron develops and markets the next generation of high performance computer peripherals using the latest technology that enables a new level of interaction between the end-user and their personal computer.


Get ready for some déjà vu . The packaging for the CP530 is nearly identical to the CE420 we recently reviewed. The box has a nice sleeve that adequately advertises the product, and the inside has a nice layer of protective foam for shipping protection. It’s a great job from Lamptron.

Lamptron CP530 Fan Controller Package Lamptron CP530 Fan Controller Package

The CE420 jammed the accessories in the spare spaces around the controller and I saw the same approach on this unit. It comes with a host of extension cables to make it easier to reach all fans in the case. Packaging them in a bag would make everything seem more organized, but Lamptron is also trying to save on expenses. Still, I really appreciate the included magnet and I’ll address more on that soon. The package is definitely reusable in case you ever want to resell the product.

CP530 Closer Look

This controller is incredibly simplistic. The back only has one temperature sensor plugin, and the rest of connections are for fans. I normally see a lot of circuitry on the back of Lamptron’s controllers, but the CP530 is closed off with the exception of the spots for the connections. The LCD screen looks familiar, but it differs in the fact that it doesn’t have a touch screen.

Lamptron includes a few accessories this time around. For starters, we have several fan cable extensions. Considering how many fans this controller can handle, you’ll almost certainly need them to reach throughout your case. The included temp sensor is for more detailed control of the fan speeds. We’ll touch on that soon, but the included magnet is a nice touch on this unit. Even though this controller can fit in a fan bay, the magnet allows users to install this to the inside of their case. It’s a great alternative for cases that have axed their drive bays, and I’m glad Lamptron planned for this.

Testing Impressions

How does an “Intelligent” fan controller work? Quite well actually! The CP530 has an ambient sensor that will use the air temperature around the unit for control. You can’t set your own temperature curves, but the controller seems to work fairly well on its own. However, the cable sensor gives far better control over the unit. By positioning the end of the cable at an ideal temperature spot, a user can easily find nearly the perfect control for case fans. My thought was to test the sensor at different spots around a graphics card heat sink. With a little trial and error, I bet anyone could find ideal fan control for gaming sessions.

Check out the video for intelligent control in action.


Has Lamptron done it again? I think they did. Intelligent fan control can easily be a gimmick, but this controller does a good job of giving a range of options. I feel like finding an ideal curve with this unit will be easier than manually setting a software fan curve. That said, we have a major problem here. I don’t see any US availability on this guy yet. If you’re looking to buy one of these products, you might have to wait a bit if you live in the states. Overall, I think the Lamptron CP530 Intelligent Fan Controller is a very solid product.

Lamptron CP530 Fan Controller Review

(Btw, Lamptron’s site is a bit out of date and has several 404 errors. I hope they get their site up to speed soon!)

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