SilverStone SST-FG121 RGB Fan Grille Review

Do You Even RGB, bro?

Given that we are currently in an RGB craze, it pretty much goes without saying that you are able to find just about anything to add some of the craze to your non-RGB components without much effort. SilverStone have sent us a their RGB fan grill that comes in both 120 and 140mm varieties. The name isn’t necessarily targeted at the gaming segment as it doesn’t blast 1337GAMING1!11!1 in your face, which makes for a nice change. It is literally called what it is – the 120mm RGB fan grille. Let’s check it out…

There’s no hiding the fan grille in its packaging. It’s on display from the get go. As it is a SilverStone product, you can naturally expect to find the inner shape in the form of a snowflake. It’s only fitting given that it has been their logo since inception way back in 2003. Fun fact: ex-Cooler Master employees founded SilverStone.

Packaging is almost simple and clean, yet it shows off everything in the right way. SilverStone always pay close attention to the smallest of detail. Even their tape has branding stamped on it. I mean, I’ve never personally bothered to check that, but it is a neat touch nevertheless. I’ll probably be a little more vigilant about that in the future, though. Underneath the bulge on the packaging lays the cable and a set of four screws to secure it to your fan.

Flipping over the package reveals us with a number of different colors – RGB… – and a brief specifications list. They provide us with the official part number, which happens to be SST-FG121. Also in sight is its power consumption, voltage rating, and the materials used.

‘My Precious…’

The ring itself has twenty-four (24) LEDs dotted evenly around the perimeter. This provides a great visual effect that I will do my best to capture on camera for you in just a few moments.

Before we go ahead and power it up, I’d like to bring to your attention that you may notice a slight deficiency in the plastic as it looks like this is where they got pulled from the mold. It is unlikely that you will ever notice this flaw, but be warned that it can be there and that it is, sadly, likely a normal thing. You can see it towards the center left of the image. If you can spot it, then you know what I am talking about. If you can’t, then you don’t need to worry as much.

I’ll confirm with SilverStone on the matter, and update you accordingly. With that said, though, let’s get some Arr Gee Bee going!

I’d like to point out that it is very difficult to take a solid picture of what the ring looks like without it blending the color(s) together. I can only achieve a visual of the  rather than showing you the individual LEDs. It does look a little different than in person as they are more visible. I’m only mentioning it so that you can keep it in mind.

Show us the goods… come on!

I hear ya, folks. I do… so here’s a gallery of images that show off the SilverStone RGB fan grille in all its glory! There are of course many thousands of different color options, but I can only capture so many without filling up our server.

Pictures can only do you so much good, so here’s a short clip of what it looks like. Check out that RGB goodness!

The SilverStone SST-FG121 has a very open design in terms of airflow, and should be noted that they do not impede airflow whatsoever, at least not from what I could tell in my testing.

Should You Buy These?

This is naturally a double edged sword and one that I should probably go into with caution, but here we go. If you are looking to add that extra bit of bling (flare?) to your rig, these are a great way to do it. I’m not going to get into the hatred of RGB as this is entirely about RGB, so let’s go on a little more…

The pricing is very reasonable considering what some other RGB devices can cost. I’ve managed to find them for about $15 per fan grille, which goes up to about $17 for the 140mm variants. They will run directly from your motherboard header(s). There’s also a control box that you can buy from SilverStone for $35 if you do not have any RGB headers available. This will tie in nicely if you wanted to add some SilverStone RGB strips to your rig at the same time. Oh my… RGB is just insanely addictive at times.

You can find all of these items in this particular listing over at Newegg. The pricing above will vary from time to time, and they are only accurate at the time of review. Check them out by clicking here.

I’ve yet to find anyone else manufacturing such a grille for fans, and have to credit SilverStone for this effort. SilverStone have definitely earned themselves an award with this product; and I feel it is only appropriate to give our Great Style award to the RGB Fan Grille.

HWHounds Great Style Award

I’d like to extend our thanks to SilverStone for sending this product for review.

SilverStone FG121 Fan Grille Product Page

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