Holy Crap this RAM is Cheap! Patriot Signature Premium

It was almost hard to figure out where the Patriot Signature Premium RAM fits. The Viper brand is killing it with great performance and awesome designs. Releasing a plain looking kit with a simple black heat spreader seems odd, but that is exactly what Patriot is doing. Then I saw the pricing and the new series made a lot more sense. The Signature Premium is supposed to give great performance quality at a great price, but if overclocking is good then value can be through the roof.

Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 RAM News

Signature Premium Specs

Variety in speed is pretty limited with this series. Every kit in the Signature Premium series is rated at either 2400MHz or 2666MHz. This is no doubt to keep the value proposition strong, a point we’ll get back to shortly. After that, the options come in pretty strong with capacities that range from 4GB per stick, up to 16GB per stick. A total of 32GB capacity is available, and CAS latency switches between 17 and 19. The voltage on every SKU is at 1.2V. By adding a heat spreader to the series, Patriot ensures the kit will be running nice and cool as well.

The Price to Overclocking Factor

Value isn’t a term that comes to mind with the Signature Premium title. However, Patriot is bringing a particularly great value here. As far as capacity is concerned, 2x8GB is still the gold standard for most users. At $53 MSRP, the Patriot kit is at least $10 cheaper than any kit on Newegg. Adding a heat spreader in the comparison makes the kit a whole $14 cheaper than the closest competition. Granted, this is only for the specific, aforementioned capacity. The value is already incredible though if the quality is great.

Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 RAM News

That brings us to the unknown factor. I’ve seen some really decent overclocking from 1.2V kits. If the Signature Premium can be easily overclocked to say, 3200MHz at a 1.35V setting, the pricing here is insane! You’d have to spend over $30 more to find a kit rated at that speed from the factory. Only reviews will tell us if that value exists or not, but it will be interesting to see after release. Let us know what you think of this kit and keep checking back for more news and reviews!

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