Patriot Trinity USB Flash Drive Review

Not the Tomb Raider One

You might have been thinking of the evil corporation in conflict with the Crofts. While we’re not talking about that Trinity, the device is far more versatile than the initial appearance would suggest. Patriot introduced a USB flash drive that can handle multiple ports, but we also want to see how well it performs. First, let’s look at a brief statement from the company.

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Here at Patriot, we pride ourselves in developing new and innovative products that offer a sleek, modern and functional design. Along with high quality and innovative designs, our products come backed with our industry leading warranty and top of the line customer support.

We ensure that every product meets or exceeds our high level of standards. For memory, that process begins with using high-quality components and ends with rigorous functional testing to ensure each module is reliable and compatible. All of our tests include real world stress tests, drop tests and over charge tests as well. We do all of this so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a high quality product.


Smaller products tend to have simple packaging. The Trinity is no exception here. The cardboard sleeve looks excellent which is great for shelf appeal. It also does a good job of showcasing the features the USB drive has. Patriot earns an A+ on presentation.

Patriot Trinity USB Drive Package Patriot Trinity USB Drive Package

The packaging is also pretty secure. I found the easiest way to get to the drive was to take a pair of scissors to the sleeve. I cut the top off and was able to easily slide the drive out. Since the product is a USB flash drive, I doubt anyone has plans to save the packaging for resell.

Trinity Closer Look

I half expected to see some Bumblebee eyes pop out at some point. The drive is certainly fun to play with, even if the transformation isn’t overly dramatic. A simple flip of the lid reveals the micro-USB port, but folding it back down brings traditional USB port compatibility. The other side has a lid with the USB type-C connection. The design is actually fairly simple for how unique it is.

Overall, the drive looks and feels excellent. The metal cover glides easily and adds a quality aesthetic to the drive, while the pattern to the black lid helps break up the monotony. The Trinity is a bit heavier than most USB flash drives I’m accustomed to. While the versatility alone would be worth it (you can use this on your smartphone!), Patriot didn’t skimp on other aspects of the drive.

Testing Results

With flash drives, I’m not looking for ultra-competitive performance. I mainly want to see numbers that line up with the specs advertised. Patriot does a great job here, though they only really advertise the read speed. Write speeds aren’t mind blowing, but we got some consistent 100 MB/s reads. Anvil drops off steep, but it’s also an older program. This leads me to believe that it’s more a problem with the benchmark, than the drive in that particular case.

I also wanted to see how much the speeds drop off in the different ports. You’ll notice that there isn’t a huge difference from USB 3.1 and 3.0. It takes a bit of the punch away from the 3.1 feature, but 2.0 definitely bottlenecks the drive. It goes to show that USB flash drives are still best served in the 3.0 realm, with 3.1 speeds likely being a larger benefit for external SSDs.


You can pick up a 64GB Trinity for around $22-$23. Sure, you’ll find plenty of options that are less than $15. That might seem like it could hurt Patriot, but there’s a couple caveats. First, many of those drives are only USB 3.0. Admittedly, 3.1 isn’t a major benefit in terms of extra performance on flash drives. However, the 3-in-1 design makes our drive stand out rather nicely. With such a unique feature, I think the pricing is incredibly reasonable for this product.

Patriot Trinity USB Drive Review

Patriot has offered an excellent product here. It has great functionality, great quality and what I deem to be solid pricing. If you want a flash drive that will work across the majority, if not all of the devices you own, then the Patriot Trinity USB Flash Drive is highly recommended from this reviewer!

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