Samsung MicroSD Pro Endurance 128GB Card Review

Solid State Reliability

Samsung has always had a good reputation for reliability. Since the Pro Endurance is leaning heavily on longevity, it’s a good thing that it has a strong name behind it. However, this microSD card isn’t going to take the crown in the speed competition. The real question we want to answer is how well this card holds up to its specs, and how well it costs in comparison to the market. We want to give a huge thank you to Samsung for providing the sample in this review.Samsung Logo

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The packaging is extremely straightforward. The plastic sleeve is encased in a cardboard sleeve. Cutting down the dotted line lets you pull the card out from the inside. The design looks nice and serves its purpose well. Packaging, right?

Samsung microSD Pro Endurance Package Samsung microSD Pro Endurance Package

Samsung microSD Pro Endurance

I wish there were a plethora of finer details to work with here. Unfortunately, the card is as straightforward as the packaging. The labeling makes it very clear what the card can be used for. With a 128GB capacity, we easily beat the 32GB required for SDXC. What’s interesting is this card should technically qualify as a UHS speed class 3. To be safe though, Samsung left it as a UHS speed class 1. The speed class 3 requires at least 30 MB/s write speeds. As a result, the Pro Endurance would be cutting it close.

Testing and Results

Testing the Pro Endurance was fairly simple. I picked up a USB 3.0 card adapter from Anker. Not only does it have a spot for regular SD cards, but it also has a slot for microSD. This allowed me to run a few storage benchmarks to see how the Pro Endurance worked. Also, USB 3.0 has more than enough bandwidth to avoid any bottlenecks.

Anker USB SD Card Adapter

Testing results showed us almost exactly what we should expect. Write speeds across the board were a little above 30MB/s. While the read speeds didn’t quite reach 100MB/s, I’ve noticed that trend in many storage devices. If read speeds exceeded specifications, it would be a great thing. Sadly, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it happen.

Price and Conclusion

Let’s address that $80 price tag on Amazon. That’s pricey! In fact, it’s pretty easy to find 128GB microSD cards in the $20-$30 range right now. You might be scratching your head, but the important factor here is the endurance. Samsung claims that these cards can handle 25x the amount of recording that traditional speed based cards can handle. If that claim is true, then we can understand the reasoning behind this price. When data integrity is of utmost importance, this is likely the microSD card you want to trust. However, the only true way to test that quality would be to test it 5 years. I doubt anyone wants to wait that long.

That said, it brings up an interesting question though. How dependent are important video recordings on microSD cards? Many facilities would have a full security system recording to a storage array of hard drives. Home security cameras use microSD, but home users aren’t as likely to care much. Of course, the one huge exception could be dash cams. If a policy requires them on company vehicles, data integrity would be very important. While the Samsung Pro Endurance isn’t the greatest option for storing games on your smartphone, some of you might have a solid recording use for this kind of microSD card.

Samsung Pro Endurance

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