Viper VPN100 NVMe SSDs have Interesting, Blazing Speeds

Wide Variance Based on Capacity

Viper just launched the VPN100 NVMe drives. We got a sneak peek at these during CES, but now we get the detailed rundown of specs. The speeds are amazing! However, the speeds are just pretty good as well. Why? Because different capacities are changing the max speeds the drive can handle. Also, it’s interesting that the 1 TB option is the fastest of the bunch.

VPN100 Specs

It comes as no surprise that the 256GB VPN100 is the slowest. The Sequential Write speed suffers the most at 1,000MB/s. The 512GB doubles the write speeds, but the Random write still suffers a little at 100K IOPs. Then we hit the 1TB model. This drive blazes through everything with 3,450MB/s sequential read, 3,000MB/s sequential write, and 600K IOPs of random read and write! Once we get to the 2TB option, we see some minor drops in some of the speeds, but unlikely to be noticeable in daily use.

Viper VPN100 Pricing

Solid Release Pricing

Pricing is looking pretty solid for the release. Even though SSD prices have dropped significantly, the VPN100 is generally running higher than other drives. However, Viper has one of the best price points for a drive that includes a heat sink with the SSD. For those worried about NVMe throttling, the VPN100 is a great option. For those wanting top of the line speeds, the 1TB option is right up your alley. Keep checking back for more news and reviews and we’ll catch ya’ later!

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