Deepcool Launches Anti-Leak Tech for CLCs

Deepcool Anti-Leak Tech

No More Leaks…Ever?

You don’t need personal experience. Just read a few reviews on Newegg, and you’ll quickly discover the dangers of liquid cooling. The beauty of a closed-loop-cooler (CLC) is that it’s affordable, easy to install, and maintenance free. However, a sealed system is susceptible to pressure issues. Deepcool is coming to the rescue by launching Anti-Leak technology. Continue reading “Deepcool Launches Anti-Leak Tech for CLCs”

DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019

DeepCool Captain Pro 240 News

Still One of My Favorites

I’ve seen a lot of great improvements to closed-loop coolers (CLC) in recent years. In spite of all the options, the DeepCool Captain series is one of the best looking designs in my opinion. Not only does the Captain Pro improve on the design with a unique feature, but the redesigned RGB lighting looks phenomenal. The Castle gets a 360 update as well, but the circular pump/block looks unchanged. Continue reading “DeepCool Captain Pro and Castle 360 CPU Coolers Look Amazing! CES 2019”

Deepcool Launches Awesome Castle and Fryzen CPU Coolers

New RGB Vibe on Castle

I’ve long been a fan of the nuclear reactor style pump on the Captain CPU Coolers from Deepcool. Part of me misses that, but the other part of me really likes the design on the new Castle cooler. If there’s one thing that Deepcool gets right regardless, it’s their ability to make something that looks unique on the market. This latest CLC design not only has great looking lighting, but it comes with both 240mm and 280mm radiator options. In my opinion, 280mm is the perfect balance of noise and cooling performance. Continue reading “Deepcool Launches Awesome Castle and Fryzen CPU Coolers”