Enermax Squa RGB Square Vortex Fans Review

Enermax Squa RGB Fan Closer Look

If the Fan is Round, Why is it Square?

We’ve seen an elephant fly (twice), but I be done seen ’bout ev’rything when I see a square fan. Enermax did it somehow with the Squa RGB though. Not only did they do it, but the design looks amazing! The unique design on the lighting pattern isn’t complicated, yet I find it extremely “cool” looking. That said, this design also sports a vortex frame. It doesn’t make the fan fly, but it should increase cooling performance.

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Enermax LIQFusion 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Enermax LIQFusion 360 Featured

Ultimate RGB Cooling Performance

It wasn’t long ago that CPU coolers were merely fighting for the performance crown. Today, performance is merely a process of looking for a double tower or a big radiator. The real factor for cooling is style. While the LIQFusion 360 is bound to have good performance, the RGB goodness has to stack up as well. We’re still putting Enermax to the test for performance though. Let’s start taking a closer look at this cooler, right after this word from the company. Continue reading “Enermax LIQFusion 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review”

Enermax Saberay ADV my Favorite Case from CES 2019

Enermax Saberay ADV News

Saberay ADV and White

Enermax came to CES 2019 with the objective to impress. When it came to new releases, I don’t think anyone really topped what I saw in their showroom. I’d give AMD a tie due to the surprise factor of Radeon VII, but Enermax has the edge in volume. As it turns out, the Saberay is still my favorite case, and the ADV improvements make me want it even more. Continue reading “Enermax Saberay ADV my Favorite Case from CES 2019”

Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review

Enermax LIQTech II TR4 Review

Can We AM4 it?

The Enermax LIQTech TR4 II is meant for AMD’s monster chip. The huge heat spreader on Threadripper can dwarf the contact plate on many CPU coolers. On the other hand, I wonder if the bigger copper block can provide better cooling? There is only one way to find out and it’s going to require some modding. Get ready for a fun ride, but first a statement from Enermax. Continue reading “Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review”

Enermax LIQTech TR4 II for Threadripper Cooling

Enermax LIQTech TR4 II News

Intro to LIQTech TR4 II

With Threadripper Gen 2 on the horizon, CPU cooling is becoming a subject of importance. Enermax introduced the LIQTech TR4 as a solution for the large IHS on the chip. Now, AMD isn’t the only company with a redesign. The LIQTech TR4 II can support 500W+ TDP of cooling, which should help with overclocking as well. The pump has a 450 l/h flow rate, a huge amount for a CLC unit.  All around, the features are great for Threadripper, but I theorize that these same features could improve cooling performance for all CLCs. Continue reading “Enermax LIQTech TR4 II for Threadripper Cooling”

Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Review

Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Thumb

Intro to Enermax

It seems fitting that my first hardware review is for a product from Enermax. This company has proven itself on many occasions as one that values innovation and quality. At first glance, I would say the LIQFusion 240 is no exception. We’re starting to see more addressable RGB CPU coolers on the market, but the one we’re looking at today seems to be setting a high bar. We’ll dive right in right after a brief pause to look at the values of Enermax. Continue reading “Enermax LIQFusion 240 CPU Cooler Review”

Enermax Saberay at Computex Deserves First Official News Posting

Enermax Saberay Case Computex 2018

Enermax Reaches for Perfection!

Enermax keeps blowing me away with their Saberay chassis. When I first saw it, I loved the ease of lifting a side panel off, as well as the standard RGB lighting. Now the case has what looks to be addressable RGB all over! Even though I thought it was nearly the perfect case before, addressable RGB wasn’t as big as it is now. This fits very nicely in the updated design. Continue reading “Enermax Saberay at Computex Deserves First Official News Posting”