Uh… Wha… No… How on…!?! THIS DEAL IS INSANE!!!

Ryzen 5 2600X CPU

UPDATE: That deal went quick! However, the current price of $174.99 is still ridiculous. You just have to wait till the 16th for stock.

I say it again, “This deal is insane!” My brain broke when I saw this. AMD tweeted about the best selling processor on Amazon. Naturally, Ryzen is going to be the object of the tweet. The processor was the famed 2600X. While a 9600K is a slightly better gaming CPU, the 2600X is a bit better for heavier multitasking. Streamers and content creators would get a bit more use from the extra cores. When I saw that price though, I couldn’t determine if I was living in reality anymore. Continue reading “Uh… Wha… No… How on…!?! THIS DEAL IS INSANE!!!”

Corsair Launches IronClaw and Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair IronClaw Glaive Gaming Mouse News

Once in a while, I see a product that feels like designing perfection. Nothing will dethrone my love for the RBT Rebel. However, I’m genuinely impressed with the IronClaw and Glaive from Corsair. The announcement caught my eye, and a further study of each gaming mouse indicated a near perfect design. Why? At some point, certain companies will strip a product from everything unnecessary. What’s left is optimized to the best of usefulness, and a nearly perfect product is born. Continue reading “Corsair Launches IronClaw and Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse”

Radeon VII Fixes AMD GPU Clock Speed Problems, CES 2019

AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card News

What a Huge Surprise!

AMD ended up being my last appointment for CES 2019. Even though I wasn’t slated for my visit till Thursday evening, I was fortunate enough to join in at a press event the night before. Due to the crazy CES schedule I had, that was the first time I heard anything about Radeon VII. At first, I wasn’t impressed. My initial though was that it would be another workstation graphics card. After talking to the AMD reps though, I realized they sneaked a high end gaming graphics card release into CES without even a leak! I was shocked, dazed, and excited all at the same time. Continue reading “Radeon VII Fixes AMD GPU Clock Speed Problems, CES 2019”

ViewSonic M1+ Projector, Portable as Nintendo Switch! CES 2019

ViewSonic M1 News

Co-op Anytime, Any Place!

Who knew I would be playing Mario Kart while at Dinner with ViewSonic? The M1+ is the latest in go-anywhere projectors from the company. Due to it’s ultra-portable design, it makes a perfect partner with the Nintendo Switch. All you have to do is plug the screen into the projector, and you’re ready to play a game with a friend on the spot. That may be impressive enough, but there are several reasons why this little guy is worth the price of admission. Continue reading “ViewSonic M1+ Projector, Portable as Nintendo Switch! CES 2019”

Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019

Wooting CES 2019 News

An Interesting Partnership

Innovation can be met with harsh resistance. You can just ask me about the responses I’ve gotten when I’ve reviewed the RBT. While Wooting seems to have a favorable public view of their analog keyboard, getting to market can be another challenge entirely. That’s why news that Seasonic is partnering with them is not only good, but very interesting. Continue reading “Wooting Partners with Seasonic, Shows Analog Keyboard at CES 2019”

ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Viewsonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review

Monitors Matter

Is Virtual Reality supposed to be the gold standard of immersion? VR is nice, but the reality for most of us is that we depend on a monitor for our computing experience above anything else. The good news is that panel technology is improving immensely, on top of being more affordable. The ViewSonic XG2701 gives gaming a huge improvement with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology. On the other hand, we still have to put up with a TN panel. The real question is how well ViewSonic does with the other features to help offset the aging panel technology on this model. We’ll address that soon, right after a statement from the company. Continue reading “ViewSonic XG2701 Gaming Monitor Review”