Finally! RGB Fans with Class – Lian Li Bora Digital

Lian Li Bora Digital RGB Fans News

I love all things RGB. But even I have to admit that RGB fans have too much plastic. It’s not that plastic is all bad, but it makes the component feel cheap in comparison to everything else in the case. Think about it! Nearly every other component has a metallic accent of some kind. As you can imagine, I was incredibly excited to see the news for the Lian Li Bora Digital RGB fans. Continue reading “Finally! RGB Fans with Class – Lian Li Bora Digital”

Noctua NH-U12A CPU Cooler Review

Noctua NH-U12A CPU Cooler Closer Look

Noctua is making a bold claim with the new NH-U12A CPU cooler. At a mere 120mm size, this unit can compete with larger 140mm towers. On top of that, Noctua still holds to their epic claims of silent operation. How is this even possible? Can this be true? There’s nothing a little CPU testing can’t show us. Spoiler Alert: Noctua is great when it comes to living up to their claims. We’ll begin soon enough, but first a word from the company. A huge thank you goes to Noctua for providing this sample.

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Viper Launches V550 and V551 Optical Gaming Mouse

Viper V550 V551 Optical Gaming Mouse News

Another day, another gaming peripheral. Viper just launched two models, the V550 and V551 optical gaming mouse. You might feel like shrugging this one off, but there’s a feature here that’s worth hearing out. Also, we’re looking at another couple of $50 options here that seem worth checking into. Even though the Viper branding is a large part of the appeal, we’ll highlight some key features. Continue reading “Viper Launches V550 and V551 Optical Gaming Mouse”

Uh… Wha… No… How on…!?! THIS DEAL IS INSANE!!!

Ryzen 5 2600X CPU

UPDATE: That deal went quick! However, the current price of $174.99 is still ridiculous. You just have to wait till the 16th for stock.

I say it again, “This deal is insane!” My brain broke when I saw this. AMD tweeted about the best selling processor on Amazon. Naturally, Ryzen is going to be the object of the tweet. The processor was the famed 2600X. While a 9600K is a slightly better gaming CPU, the 2600X is a bit better for heavier multitasking. Streamers and content creators would get a bit more use from the extra cores. When I saw that price though, I couldn’t determine if I was living in reality anymore. Continue reading “Uh… Wha… No… How on…!?! THIS DEAL IS INSANE!!!”

This Rosewill CPU Cooler Will Surprise You! PB240-RGB

Rosewill PB240-RGB CPU Cooler News

You might have forgotten Newegg has their own special brand called Rosewill. It’s okay, I forgive you. I’d almost forgotten as well. Lo and behold, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and I got a punch in the face type of reminder! The PB240-RGB is a new liquid CLC that adds some solid amounts of RGB to the design. A new RGB cooler may not seem like much, but Rosewill put two very interesting features in this unit that I think will be helpful as well. Continue reading “This Rosewill CPU Cooler Will Surprise You! PB240-RGB”

Holy Crap this RAM is Cheap! Patriot Signature Premium

Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 RAM News

It was almost hard to figure out where the Patriot Signature Premium RAM fits. The Viper brand is killing it with great performance and awesome designs. Releasing a plain looking kit with a simple black heat spreader seems odd, but that is exactly what Patriot is doing. Then I saw the pricing and the new series made a lot more sense. The Signature Premium is supposed to give great performance quality at a great price, but if overclocking is good then value can be through the roof. Continue reading “Holy Crap this RAM is Cheap! Patriot Signature Premium”

be quiet! Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler – It’s in the Details

be quiet! Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler News

A Dark Rock might seem like a foggy and hard concept for builders to understand. With so many air towers released in the many years of PC building, why should we care about the Dark Rock Slim? On the other hand, it’s the tiny details that always excite me with a new CPU cooler release. The be quiet! release of a new compact cooler boasts impressive cooling and silent operation. Silence is a given with the included fan, but the minor improvements on the tower are interesting when it comes to heat transfer. Continue reading “be quiet! Dark Rock Slim CPU Cooler – It’s in the Details”

Corsair Launches IronClaw and Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair IronClaw Glaive Gaming Mouse News

Once in a while, I see a product that feels like designing perfection. Nothing will dethrone my love for the RBT Rebel. However, I’m genuinely impressed with the IronClaw and Glaive from Corsair. The announcement caught my eye, and a further study of each gaming mouse indicated a near perfect design. Why? At some point, certain companies will strip a product from everything unnecessary. What’s left is optimized to the best of usefulness, and a nearly perfect product is born. Continue reading “Corsair Launches IronClaw and Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse”

The RAM of my Dreams has Arrived! Adata XPG Spectrix D60G

Adata XPG Spectrix D60G RAM News

Adata has been on fire lately when it comes to RAM. The Spectrix D80 brought a sealed liquid cooled design to the market. If your budget was lower, the Spectrix D41 gave you fantastic looks with a better price. Now, Adata is changing the game of RGB lighting with the Spectrix D60G. The light diffuser goes down both sides of the DIMM. The result? A whole new level of RGB goodness! Continue reading “The RAM of my Dreams has Arrived! Adata XPG Spectrix D60G”

Enermax Squa RGB Square Vortex Fans Review

Enermax Squa RGB Fan Closer Look

If the Fan is Round, Why is it Square?

We’ve seen an elephant fly (twice), but I be done seen ’bout ev’rything when I see a square fan. Enermax did it somehow with the Squa RGB though. Not only did they do it, but the design looks amazing! The unique design on the lighting pattern isn’t complicated, yet I find it extremely “cool” looking. That said, this design also sports a vortex frame. It doesn’t make the fan fly, but it should increase cooling performance.

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