Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019

Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor News

Two Amazing Features for the Raptor

Razer really went all out with their Raptor Gaming Monitor. Even though they could have sold the product on branding alone, they decided to put some features that are excellent choices for any panel. The first one is the clean cable extensions routed nicely in the stand. Not only does this make the cable clutter look great, but makes plugging cables in that much easier too. Of course, the Raptor doesn’t actually need extensions to make connections easier. Continue reading “Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Revealed at CES 2019”

Alphacool Shows Eisbaer, Eisblock, Eisball at CES 2019

Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme AIO News

Eisbaer for High End AIO CPU Cooling

CES 2019 was a great time, but nothing says custom PCs like liquid cooling. We got the chance to see what Alphcool was announcing. For starters, we have the Eisbaer Extreme AIO. The big thing that separates this cooler from the rest is the solid copper radiator. Even if a cooler bypasses aluminum for the rad, a mix of copper and brass is often used to help reduce costs. Continue reading “Alphacool Shows Eisbaer, Eisblock, Eisball at CES 2019”

Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019

azultec Cube

Completely Liquid Cooled

Heat is an important factor for rendering or mining stations. When you stick 8 graphics cards in a single system, you’re going to generate a lot of heat. Azultec is developing a product that should be huge for rendering, mining, or lovers of high end liquid cooled systems.  The Cube 300 has 8x GTX 1070s and a custom water cooling loop made from Alphacool Components. Needless to say, Azultec has found a great way to handle heat on 8 higher end graphics cards in a way custom PC builders like myself can really appreciate. Continue reading “Azultec Announces Powerful Cloud Rendering Station at CES 2019”

Ryzen 5 3600X Will Rule Gaming PCs

AMD Ryzen Featured

If the Rumors are True

Leaks are coming around about AMD’s 3rd gen of Ryzen CPUs. If the specs are accurate on the 3600X, I see Ryzen 5 being the ultimate processor for gaming systems. Here’s what we know for sure right now. Not only is AMD going to be using the 7nm manufacturing process, but this is a true architectural update. The Ryzen 2000 series was just a refresh of the first release. With the 3000 series, we’ll actually see what is likely to be a whole new Ryzen. Continue reading “Ryzen 5 3600X Will Rule Gaming PCs”

Ultimate Case Design, Cooling and Display

Ultimate PC Case Featured

Building the Ultimate Case

I love Crossfire and SLI. I understand it’s not the most practical thing in the world, but having two graphics cards in my system just looks right. The problem comes when I need to cool things down. As you can imagine, a Crossfire system can get heated up pretty fast. I’ve used many a chassis, but I’ve yet to find the ultimate case for cooling and seeing my build. Continue reading “Ultimate Case Design, Cooling and Display”

ASUS Ryujin CPU Cooler Uses Noctua Fans

Asus Ryujin 360 CPU Cooler News

Wait! Are they brown and beige?

Absolutely not! The Asus Ryujin 240 and 360 CPU coolers talked Noctua into using black fans!!! I don’t know how they managed to do it, but they also understood something very important about CLCs. The best way to boost cooling performance is through airflow. In all fairness the fans are the IndustrialPPCs, which Noctua introduced quite some time ago. What Asus tackled head on was getting the best airflow at the lowest noise possible. However, they didn’t stop at just having a Noctua fan to increase airflow. Continue reading “ASUS Ryujin CPU Cooler Uses Noctua Fans”

Samsung Offers Affordable Multi-TB SSDs, 860 QVO Series

Samsung 860 QVO SSD News

What’s a QVO?

We need to discuss how to pronounce QVO first. The Evo series appeared to be short for “evolution,” so I can only imagine what the 860 QVO series is going for. If we go with a long E, then we might have something like “Queevo.” Of course a short E might be more appropriate to the phonics of the letter Q. Quevvo? Continue reading “Samsung Offers Affordable Multi-TB SSDs, 860 QVO Series”

AIDA64 v5.99, Fake Graphics Card Detection

AIDA64 Logo

Done with fake Graphics Cards

Most updates from AIDA64 involve supporting new hardware and fixing bugs. Honestly, that’s exactly what we expect from the program, but AIDA doesn’t forget to add the occasional new feature as well. I imagine many of you will find it interesting that AIDA64 v5.99 has fake Nvidia graphics card detection. This seemed like more of a problem during the crypto craze, but being able to verify a GPU is genuinely what you purchased is a great thing. Just make sure you purchase a card from a retailer that will guarantee the sale like Ebay. Continue reading “AIDA64 v5.99, Fake Graphics Card Detection”

AMD Radeon RX 590 Release and Comparison

AMD RX 590

AMD Releases RX 590

You ever find yourself just wanting to know what Graphics Cards core clocks ended up being? I do, and I was surprised at how difficult it was to not only find some detailed info, but also trying to find homepages for the differing RX 590s. That said, with a little digging I was able to not only uncover the information I wanted, but also find each homepage of the variants of the RX 590. Continue reading “AMD Radeon RX 590 Release and Comparison”

The Best Gaming Mouse Ever, RBT Rebel

RBT Rebel Gaming Mouse

Wait, Really!?!

Yes! Really!!! The RBT (pronounced “rabbit”) Rebel is, imho, the absolute best mouse you could ever use. In fact, the only mouse style I think the RBT can’t officially compete with is the one with a full number pad on the side for the thumb. MMO mice are a very niche product though. The RBT design does take a bit of relearning at first, but the ease of use is phenomenal. The biggest selling point is the ease of wrist pain. Continue reading “The Best Gaming Mouse Ever, RBT Rebel”