Are Algorithms Silent Fascism? The Problem with Internet Today

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What has the internet become? If you need a black hole of despair and hatred, you’ll find one on the internet. At some point, a huge portion of individuals valued their opinion above all else. After that, they had the right to tell anyone who disagreed how wrong they were. This makes sense in America. We have this little thing called the freedom of speech, and overall I’d say it’s a great thing. However, any great thing can have a bad side if used incorrectly. Continue reading “Are Algorithms Silent Fascism? The Problem with Internet Today”

AIDA64 v5.99, Fake Graphics Card Detection

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Done with fake Graphics Cards

Most updates from AIDA64 involve supporting new hardware and fixing bugs. Honestly, that’s exactly what we expect from the program, but AIDA doesn’t forget to add the occasional new feature as well. I imagine many of you will find it interesting that AIDA64 v5.99 has fake Nvidia graphics card detection. This seemed like more of a problem during the crypto craze, but being able to verify a GPU is genuinely what you purchased is a great thing. Just make sure you purchase a card from a retailer that will guarantee the sale like Ebay. Continue reading “AIDA64 v5.99, Fake Graphics Card Detection”

Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Needs Work!

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Software Should Be Better

If software was as good as the hardware it controls, I probably wouldn’t be here. Motherboards are somewhat notorious for having terrible software. This is sad because in several cases, the boards are fantastic on a hardware level. My favorite motherboard company of late has been Gigabyte. The Aorus branding has delivered some excellent products and I’ve had a great experience overall with the X470 Gaming 7. However, the RGB Fusion program could use some bug fixes. Continue reading “Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software Needs Work!”

NZXT Acquisition of Forge Has Interesting Ramifications

Software News? Really!?!

Look! I get it. This is a hardware site and you probably want hardware news. But here me out. NZXT has been doing great things with their CAM software. Forge is a company that specializes in capturing and sharing PC game play. If you put two and two together, it looks like NZXT is heading towards making a capture device that doesn’t hamper gaming performance during use. Continue reading “NZXT Acquisition of Forge Has Interesting Ramifications”